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What’s new in the upgraded Website?

1. Pocket Friendly Registration Process - The biggest GOOD NEWS first. In the new system the online registration charges have been brought at parity with the manual registration charges. Unlike before when we paid a lot more to get our work registered online now we will pay almost same as what we paid when we registered by walking in the office. The BAD NEWS though is these rates will be applicable only for initial few months to promote and check the response.

2. User Friendly Registration Process – Now you can write in the script of your choice Roman, Devnagri, Urdu, Punjabi, Tamil etc. You just need to make a PDF of your work and submit it on the Registration Window and the same will be digitally signed, stamped and delivered to you. Exactly like the manual registration process. The way you have formatted your script will remain same. So you can straightway take prints and circulate. In the manual system you have only one original – here you can have as many as you wish.

3. Enhanced Security & Secrecy – The digital signature will be a small insert on the first page of your script which will be the Registration Certificate. Any tampering in the document anywhere will cancel your Registration. Members will need to maintain the soft copy as a proof of their registration. We will not be saving your work on our website (server) but returning it to you immediately after registration. Exactly like the manual procedure. So you don’t have to worry for someone ever getting to look at your script intentionally or unintentionally. This assures you highest level of secrecy.

4. More Payment Options – We have included all popular payment options in this upgrade Viz. Net Banking, Debit Cards and Cash cards so that you can pay using your favourite one.

5. Online Renewal – Members will be able to renew their membership online after payment of due renewal fees. A reminder message will be sent to you when you need to do that.

6. Film Reviews and a couple of other sections will allow members to add their comments. There will be some interactive features like one Goof-up where you can have some fun while discussing films.

7. In addition to this, the site will be continuously upgraded to add more interesting features. A notice of this will be displayed on the homepage as and when new features are added.

Happy Writing & Sharing.

Sanjay Sharma