SWA has been receiving numerous complaints about the writer-contracts that our members are being asked to sign by film and TV producers.

  • Some producers are attempting to subvert even the copyright law by terming the contract a work-for-hire arrangement or an employee-employer relationship, so that they can avoid paying royalties.
  • Moreover, many producers insist that they will be the first owners of the copyright, which too is against the law.
  • Likewise, some contracts try to prevent the writer from approaching SWA for intervention in case of a dispute.
  • Some producers are even trying to bar the writer from becoming a member of the Copyright Society. (That’s a silly move, since the producer himself will have to become a member of that Society to receive his royalties!)
  • Some ‘Release Forms’ are downright legally unenforceable in reality, and yet producers seem to persist with it. However, despite their non-enforceability, they cause anxiety for innocent writers when they encounter those clauses. So let us outline for you the legal position on such illogical clauses
Such, and many more, tactics are being used, which are causing distress and confusion for Writers. Therefore, all writers need to know

What is a lawful and fair writer’s contract? What should be the essential clauses in it?
What are your rights as per Copyright Law? 
What does Contract Law say about such contracts? 
Who is entitled to royalties, and from where? 
How to ensure that your fee, your credit, your royalty and other rights are protected? 
What is your negotiation leverage when dealing with a contract? How can SWA help you? When there is a breach of contract, what should you do?

To guide you about all such issues, SWA presents a workshop on film and TV writers's legal rights

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