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Sonali Cable:Sags

Sonali Cable

Clamps could fix the sagging

Spoiler Warning – Low

FACT – They just serve these chips and cutting chai here in the cyber café..   
fact – Not bad though, small bites with bytes. But these chips look bit like wedges, could have been crisper and tangier…smiley

FACT – Perhaps cut little more than one can fry..
fact – Some people are even calling it biting more than one can chew..surprise

FACT – But that’s the whole idea of David & Goliath?
fact – Agreed. But probably that could also be the centre of the Problems. It tries to fall in line little too much with scripting fundas, to an extent that things looks force fit at places.
An overcooked tea loses its aroma. cool

Sonali Dattaram Tandel (Rhea Chakraborty) is running an internet cable business in Lalbaug-Byculla part of Mumbai. Tai Saheb Pawar who is a powerful politician is her partner. Tai’s son Raghu (Ali Fazal) returns from America after finishing higher education to come and join the Cable business on behalf of Tai Saheb. Crisis erupts when a corporate business group “Shining” CEO Waghela (Anupam Kher) diversifies into Cable business and wants to take over Sonali Cable. Sonali decides to fight back. The ‘rising’ hurdles she faces and the way she overcomes them forms the story of the film.

First of all the set-up is a Naya Daur (or Kagaz ke Phool) in new times, a nice idea to start with but not absolutely fresh. What goes against is the build-up of the plot. Greed being the sole reason for ‘Shining’ being hell bent on taking over Sonali’s business doesn’t come through very convincingly. Corporates do other things to kill small businesses rather than kill businessmen. Those who have ventured would know. Waghela resorting to killings takes the film in clichéd zone like ‘builder trying to evict an occupant from strategic site’ using all means – arm twisting, political pressure, goons’ threat etc. In this kind of set-up with technology as a backdrop fresher plotting could have been possible – Lighter and crisper with lot of mind games, rather than heavy & dramatized shoot outs & killings.

When you choose the latter path, naturally all plot points will be dramatic and sometimes when they don’t we end up creating them.laugh

Killing of a side-kick which itself comes a big motivation disappears in the haze of business rivalry. No build-up on death of a dear character disappoints - looks like it was just there to have a critical mid-point.blush

Even the plot point 2 - She breaks up with Raghu which coincides with her signing off her business – low point!!

Breaking up with Raghu looks highly forced. She doesn’t give any credit for all his efforts including one where he takes a bullet to shield her. She dismissing him, makes her character difficult to empathize with. This forms forced turning point where the Protagonist must be left alone to fight her own battle – so Raghu disappears from the 3rd Act completely – a character who you empathize with!                                        cool

The sting-op resolution also comes as a simplistic and nothing new kind of climax. In Naya Daur solution is found through innovation which comes out from the very plot itself, but in Sonali Cable the solution comes through sting. We love unexpected surprise twists but from within the set-ups, here it happens from outside and bit conveniently, with everyone turning in her favour in the end like MunnaBhai genre.  frown

There are problems with subplots too. You don’t fall in love with the romance subplot because it happens easily, consummates easily and has some superficial opposition, which hardly affects the romance making it just a token opposition.
Sonali’s father’s subplot also comes as distraction because here things are  “said” than “shown” and deal with peripheral characters you are not very much interested in. The deadly goon who is shown killing a dear character with his own hands isn’t punished and another ‘extra’ normal looking villain who is “said” to have “ordered” killing but did not kill, is “killed” brutally. In this regard there is lot misplacement of emotions, confusing or disappointing the viewer.   angel     

FACT – Well that seems enough for time being. Let’s discuss what is good about the film.
fact – Mr. Charu Acharya seems to be well in command with his directional faculties. The cuts, takings, transitions bring the director on front screen a lot often. Dialogues are fresh, witty and funny at times. Best thing is there are no plot holes as such, mocking audience’s intelligence. At least such films where hard efforts are taken at writing are rare. We may not agree with sensibilities of the film maker, or he might not have succeeded in winning our hearts, but there is a correct story telling. The presentation is right.  yes

FACT – So do we recommend people have some bytes here?
fact – Small films, independent films must be encouraged. Sonali Cable is much better than some stupid big budget insane films. Go watch it for the Director this time..you will notice him too often on the screen.  laugh

   Sanjay Sharma

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