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Mumbai 125 KM:Horror Film or Horrible Film!!

Mumbai 125 km

Delhi abhi bahut door hailaugh

Spoiler Warning – High (but will prevent a mishap)

FACT – Sometimes people recycle some leftovers, make a new dish and serve. This is one such attempt.   
fact – Where plot ingredients have been recycled from other places, stir fried and presented in new platter.indecision

FACT – Horror films eventually boil down to this..
fact – Well can’t comment on that but there are possibilities if people want to see. Anyway as of now we are @Mumbai 125 km.

The film has a plot where a group of friends gets lost on road driving for hours still remaining 125km away from Mumbai(remember where you have seen it before?). And while doing that (you guessed it right) they get killed one by one. Of course, a ghost is behind all this who of course was wronged. Again the reason behind the killing is seen in some other film. For sake of little suspense, we will not discuss that. surprise

The film is honestly very amateurish and looks worse than Diploma film. The actors with their performances, reconfirm it further beyond all doubts. Veena Malik’s husband’s character is unintentionally funny. Their whole backstory is awful.crying

The film doesn’t progress even a KM towards Mumbai, so Delhi of success remains a far far away thing.

There’s nothing which you haven’t seen before in some horror flick. To substantiate that there is the world most clichéd shot where ghost is not seen in mirror. The foolish characters who don’t understand there is a ghost iinspite of circumstances and walk alone even after they know very well, there is ghost.

Shots, plots, shockers etc. you know you have seen them somewhere but won’t recall. There are so many similarities in horror films that it has become difficult to differentiate.angel

When it comes to Horror films in India, things mostly boil down to a template kind of film making.

Friends – Lost – Haunted place/road/Mansion – One-by-One getting killed – Ghost Wronged by them – Behind killings.  indecision

FACT – Does it at all scare you?
fact – Not frankly. Not even once. The 3D is also used in such a way that you never realize you are watching a 3D film. The ghost doesn’t come to you even once.cool

Then there is a twister twist in the end, which throws out a few things making some sense within the otherwise weird plot.

FACT – Who should watch it then?
fact – People who enjoy any kind of horror film, who won’t instead watch a good old horror DVD, can try if it could scare them.. Don’t expect anything and may be you come out a winner. wink

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