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Tamanchey:Misses the Target


It’s not easy to shoot..

Spoiler Warning – Low

FACT – Hot Chai & Hot Samosa..to welcome the cold winter..   cheeky
fact – This is a classic combo if done well. Our desi cuisine needs a lot of precision - a little slip kills the fun.. Chai is less sweet and Samosa spicy. She is Chai and he is samosa..?    

FACT – No for a change, the genders are reversed. Boy is Hot & Sweet Chai, Girl is Hot & Spicy Samosa..wink
fact – Wow, but still the combo works if made properly. Whether you shoot with camera or Tamancha you must have mastered the art, else you miss the target & the recoil throws you back.

FACT – Humm, you felt that jerk..? surprise
fact – Of course. An easy firing shows, and even the bad result proves..

Ok, coming to business. It is a simple one line plot..a boy Munna (Nikhil Dwivedi) and girl Babu (Richa Chadda) both outlawed fugitives on run together develop some chemistry to the extent of making love in full desi Tomatina style after which Diva disappears without informing Dude. Upon realization Dude Munna comes searching for Babu Babe & find her living with a drug peddler Rana (Damandeep Singh). Munna and Babu’s struggle to meet against the odds forms the story..heart

Though it is time tested Macbeth kind of plot about Queen connecting with Jack ditching the bad King, here problems are a lot..no

First coming to the Writing.

Why they must be together in the beginning isn’t fully convincing. It is said they are forced together, why not shown. Also they are seen running from Police when in fact they are shown dead officially? Moreover we never see them being chased by Police. So lot of whys are unaswered?

The film drags for initial 45 min. 2nd/3rd scene of them sauntering through by-lanes of UP town, discussing/sharing their info runs good 10-12 minute - there you sense the trouble first.

Information keeps coming regularly in dialogue - between them it's fine, but even people around them discuss to provide info to them. Rana also tells her his bio for nth time to inform the audience.

The first half is wasted in slow & bad setting up. But once Munna arrives to fetch her out of Rana’s den you suddenly become interested. Munna sneaks into their gang helping them with their crimes and simultaneously manages to steal some time with Babu. Here too, plot looks as if lost in their 'making out quickies' without much actual progression. And Rana seems to be oblivious of them meeting next door. There is no real tension.sad

Why she can’t run away with Munna when she’s in love with him? She says, Rana will find her out from anywhere. So where was this Rana when she was apprehended alone and left to roam with Munna initially? If she was dead, why she came back to the baddie Rana sacrificing her freedom!!

Also Munna’s attempts don’t lead anywhere, either up or down. He fails and he tries something else. Neither are there solid odds from Rana’s side. The story goes round in circle..if not drugs then bank robbery etc. They find time & space to make love even while looting banks ..cool! cool

The Plot Point 2, an important twist where Rana learns about their affair also happens by chance when his man sees Munna’s watching Babu's pic in his mobile.. Why he is so foolishly flaunting her picture especially when Rana’s men are around? We enjoy to see clash of two smart people. Here both appear fools, which might work in comedy, not here. So action and passion is used instead, that too superficially, since there is no skin-show even treatment of that genre looks halfhearted.

The Plot Point 2 looks pretty forced. Chai and Samosa fight for no reason. Babu herself offers to shoot the bastard Rana but fails, so Munna fights with her. Halo Dude, she volunteered to do the task, give her another chance.. but no. So their second rift looks forced.
Well, there are issues with Writing like this...

Cutting to Direction..

This is the weakest department of the film. So maybe we shouldn't blame the Writers.. if the execution is not correct script can’t do much..

While the actors manage to shoot with their Tamanchey, the Director appears to be struggling with his shooting…there are problems with camera because not only the look & colour of the film, even the angles are not correct at times.

Junior artists stand like viewers watching the shooting, sometimes in queue, and most of them looking right into the camera.

The Tomatina making out scene clearly shows the skin coloured cloth wrapped around the girl’s chest!! surprise Open errr.. closed cheating!! laugh

FACT – Ok, usually when you speak good I check for flaws in the end here I am asking was there anything worth watching?
fact – Dialogue are authentic and raw as if just grown in the fields of the North India. While Munna’s dialect comes as a freshly brewed tea of Hindi heartland, Richa is again Delhi’s Punjabi Samosa which is back of hand trick for her. Even Rana delivers his dialogue with perfect Haryanvi dialect..

The roleplay climax is poignant, though it looks forced fit, regressive, not very fresh - we had it in QSQT & all. But it ends the film on emotional high note when you are 100% with them..

Another strong department is performance. Both Richa and Nikhil sizzle the screen. They carry off their roles nicely and share good Physical Chemistry. But coming half way close ten times can’t compensate for coming totally close once!! wink

That’s why it’s Chai Samosa, you never dip Samosa in tea, but eat them separately..

FACT – So did you enjoy the Chai Samosa or not?
fact – Indeed.. this Chai Samosa is definitely a good onetime affair. If you watch most films do watch this for Richa, Nikhil, & Shailesh’s dialogue and Pancham Da’s number!! yes

   Sanjay Sharma

A critic who loves to appreciaate. https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1754709196

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