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Bang Bang:High on Motion, Low on Emotions


Holesome Mealcheeky

Spoiler Warning – Applies only if you can’t guess what’s Bollywood’s 2+2?wink

FACT – Here’s our order Extraa Cheeeese International Pizza with Mountain Dew..
fact – Pizza, thin crust or stuffed base..?

FACT – Stupid, this is Pan Pizza..
fact – Oh Ya, 'Pan-Globe' Pizza.

FACT – It looks so appetizing, isn’t it? All these exotic toppings, sauces and cheese and of course Mountain Dew..cheeky
fact – Good, now we don’t need to go to Hollywood, our own Bollywood is baking that possible.

FACT – You guessed it right (hushes) the recipe is imported, it’s a secret..
fact – Open secret, like the ISS (Indian Secret Service) in the film. I know it’s that Fight & Play. But why only that among so many others? We have lived similar experiences in Dhooms, Races, Kicks etc. It seems like Bollywood is fascinated by thefts and chases so much that we export Dhoom and import it again as Kick. And now this Bang Bang, beats like Dhoom Dhoom.
What we have next Punch? devil

FACT – So what’s the problem? Just see it looks delicious, colourful - Wholesome Meal.
fact – Ya agree with you. It’s a wholesome meal indeed – has everything one wants for a quick lunch. Enjoy as you eat and forget. But if you want to explore it as a genuine foodie you will find it is a holesome meal full of plot-holes!! surprise

FACT – Oh Man! Again, instead of enjoying..
fact – Well, that’s why we are here. Analyse the Screenplay like alert students of Film Writing!!

It's an action flick right from the word GO and thus the plot is very thin, which is indeed good.

The villains (Danny, Javed & gang) want some Indian thief from 1.2 billion (boss please correct the figure, not the entire population is thief) to steal Kohinoor to create rift between Indian and Britain as a result of which a big-time extradition bilateral treaty is jeopardized. When they release demand for this, Hero Rajveer (Hritik) steals the diamond and plays hide and seek with them, taking the girl Harleen (Katrina) along. The film is about that. It sails as a fun ride going beautiful places, with continuous adrenaline rush and lavish experiences. Everything that is in front of your eyes is bliss to behold. You enjoy while it lasts if you don’t think too much. Then screenplay is developed to have the rest of things fall in place, dressed with witty & funny dialogue (Abbas Tyrewala) ensuring you get the feel of wholesome experience.

The film needs a high disbelief and we do give in to it as we enjoy the show. We don’t ask questions when bizarre things happen, because we play video games which say “Don’t bother if hit just keep racing”, and we are quite accustomed to these rules of the Bollywood's game..

  1. Characters travel visa/passport free across the globe without actual transit, they never travel just arrive. Why not clear, just running places to hide.
    Fair enough, No Questions My Lord!indecision
  2. Hundreds of bullets shot none scrapes the Hero and his single shot kills.
    That's nothing..No Questions My Lord!!indecision
  3. The Hero is hammered with steel rods all over his body and legs, but he gets up and hits back smashing everyone and then goes limping for a while and suddenly sprints in the same scene. No Questions My Lord!!!  indecision
  4. The Hero can appear and disappear anywhere anytime..
    Fine that we got by default..
    Here even the villain can do that.. Villain is also entitled to visa free travel and privileges of just arriving without travelling.. equality of Antagonist & Protagonist..
    No Questions My Lord!indecision
  5. Hero can do anything..drive any racing car, fly any fighter plane, handle any gun, dance, cook, just anything but not that - he remains immaculate.
    How come all these skills in one man - because he is from the Indian Army..
    Oh Indian Army, then No Questions My Lord.indecision

But given all this largess to you as film makers, we audience do feel like questioning when within your own plotting; your own logics, you try to take short, convenient routes..


  1. If Omar’s (Danny) whole intention was to revive tensions between two nations by making an Indian steal the Kohinoor then wasn’t it achieved when Rajveer had stolen it? Why is Omar running after the Kohinoor? He never wanted it for personal use or to gift his wife. What he wanted has happened without him moving an inch. Why doesn’t he just relax and wait for the extradition treaty's withdrawl by Britain? cool
    And it is really far-fetched that responsible government of one country would withdraw important bilateral treaty because a criminal from the partner country did some mischief. So much has happened between India & Pak but we still are friends, in fact MFNs.. Rethink this My Lord!!
  2. And another thing, when you set-up the game as film makers, you call shots to cheat us as audience. So when it is revealed that everything was set-up, which we had guessed very well in advance, lots of questions arise in retrospect. Are you running away from them or catching them? If you want to catch why run?angel
  3. Ok, you had set this up as the trap for Omar and released a news on BBC, then how come only those fellows whom you want to catch are after you? Why don’t other nuisance parties also chase you? If news breaks on international TV that a guy whose glimpse is shown herewith has stolen $5m worth stone, I see lot of other gangs trying their luck. But here only those whom the hero wants come after him.
  4. The way Harleen gets dragged into this wasn’t unconvincing for me but why Rajbeer drags her in all this is really questionable. If you are a responsible officer who is focussed on a goal you won’t take a simple civilian girl for ride dragging her into action risking her life and your mission both. Such subplots fall flat when the main plot is revealed to be a set-up. It all appears as if like tricking the audience. crying
  5.  Then Mr. Gul (Javed Jafari) who has babes around him in his pool is falling in stupid honey trap laid by the hero. Hero sends the girl as decoy and Gul goes Bulbul easily and gets killed. This is when their Wanted Picture appears on front page of a newspaper. Looks like our villain or nobody reads newspapers but police. Javed Bhai is fully guested in this role - His batti goes Gul. Then Omar (BigBoss Danny) who never comes himself to question/ face anyone, does so when Rajveer sets a trap for him. We don’t see him planning, because the film makers have kept it as a surprise for us, so what we see in the end that Hero Planned, Hero Executed and He Conquered. No need for Plan B or C. Then of course, it is compensated by actions and counter actions but boss mind games are mind games!!surprise

FACT – Oh that was too much. I think people are simply loving this. Shows are going houseful. It seems you have also finished your pizza.. smiley
fact – Ya, I have. It is fine. People will love this, quite entertaining that way. Hrithik does shine, he is the engine that will drive the film around the world in hundred crores brackets. Script, as we know – he or anybody can’t do much about it including the Writers as we know.
Katrina is also fine – given all her givens smiley. The film takes you on a high speed ride where emotions do not have much scope. So when Deepti Nawal tries to emote you find it out of place. But do go and watch it with family - young kids will enjoy more.
As one word that keeps coming in the film time and again “Mahfooz” “महफ़ूज़” meaning safe, you are more than Mahfooz with this.. Mahfooz without quotes of course..  yes


   Sanjay Sharma

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