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Desi Katte:Point Blank

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Dhai Dhai Bhai

FACT – We just have this quick snack this time..
fact – Bhel, from street? In a way, as foodies we must try everything and report to those who bother to follow us..

FACT – Ya, the kind of Equal Opportunity Reviewers we are, should not miss something just because it is small..
fact – Who knows we may sometimes find a jewel in trash. But honestly this street Bhel is not only unbalanced in taste it is also stinking of some stale ingredients..

FACT – The Bhaiya says he tried his best..
fact – But seems like couldn’t do well - added lot of chutney to spice it up without balance of proper stuff.  

FACT – Small man, this Bhaiya – didn’t have enough resources to make it a balanced proper snack..
fact – We can understand that he didn’t have proper outlet but at least he must know how to make it. What seems from the outcome is that though the intention is genuine, the approach isn't proficient.

The plot begins with two kids who are ‘childhood’ friends. As they do not get food and toys so they use katte (locally made revolvers) as toys to steal food from other kids. Sharp shooters these kids grow up to be hard-line criminals. Lot of fillers then cut to, No. 1 (Pali) joining the bosses of crime and No. 2 (Gyani) joins an army Major (Sunil Bhai Shetty) who trains him for competitive shooting (sports). Lot of fillers again then cut to the hurdles designed to be overcome. Gyani can’t participate in the competition because of his criminal background. OMG now what..nothing Sunil Bhai Shetty gets the permission. How? Don’t ask, it is easier than writing this line. Second hurdle – Gyani gets shot on right hand. OMG how will he shoot now..? Don’t ask again, because Gyani by then evolves to be an ambidextrous shooter. Really? Yes really. And he can do it better with left hand!! Third hurdle – there are antagonist forces who do not want the contest to happen and shoot down Gyani, here Pali lands from nowhere and stops Gyani’s murder by killing 20 odds enemies, without any security/cop getting an inkling of this. In this bid, Pali gets shot and killed..so now Gyani’s eyes close in grief when he shoots in the FINAL ROUND!! OMG, but No OMG because Gyani can now shoot with closed eyes.. sorry Prithviraj Chauhan.

No point in talking about the story of Guy No. 1 Mr. Pali which forms major chunk of this bhel, because it is stale plot. Same old baddies, ministers, under-cutting each-other etc. and more etc.

Girls are there. That’s it about girls. blush      

FACT – No let’s clarify where the Writing is going wrong..
fact – The plot is not structured properly. There is no hook towards the central plot. Whatever is happening doesn’t stay as tension / pull for long. Things seem to be going on if not this way then that way. Characters are clichéd. Urchins growing up to be hardened criminals, a Major has some unfinished agenda and he seeks दो आदमी for accomplishing his ambition (when actually he needs only one adami). In fact that scene is total reminder of Thakur-Jai-Veeru scene from Sholay..even Ramlal is there..थके हुए हो आराम कर लो (verbatim) and all that. Villains characters are also commonplace literally beaten err shot to death.. थाय थाय... (फिस्स)

Agreed, one needs resources to make films but still if you got an opportunity whatever small/big you get to make; do make the best of it.

It is MUST that film-makers hire good writers, develop proper script, get them doctored if required and then move on to production.

FACT – Oh you have not yet finished eating your bhel!!   
fact – I will, it’s not easy to eat this, and I am sure it will be tougher to digest too..;

FACT – I hope we don’t have stomach upset tomorrow..
fact – No we are used to street food, sometimes the taste you get on street you can’t find in best restaurants. But this one wasn’t such an experience!!no

   Sanjay Sharma


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