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Balwinder Singh Famous Ho Gaya:Double Trouble

Balwinder Singh Famous Ho Gaya

Darshak Bechara Bore Ho Gayafrown

FACT – Lo ji tussi aaj raita khao..
fact – Hum, bahut khatta hai! Dahi theek nahin tha kya?angry

FACT – Haan ji. Dahi went sour, the October heat, you see disturbed the timings.. so I have added extra sugar, extra salt, extra pepper, masala, onion, cucumber…
fact – But it is still not palatable..

FACT – Let’s add some chilli, paneer, nuts more items..
fact – Don’t you have the recipe you seem to adding unnecessary items which aren’t usually part of raita..surprise

FACT – Ya I know, I didn’t have proper recipe. In fact I planned to make a Punjabi Lassi but you see I ended up making raita, that too messed up. indecision
fact – I fail to understand, Punjabis toh raita banane mein bahut mahir hote hai..

FACT – Hum jaise kuchh Punjabis raita failane mein..
fact – Yaar tera raita tu hi kha..mujhe baksh de.

FACT – Let’s discuss what must have made us infamous when all we actually wanted was just to become famous!!   
fact – People usually don’t know their drawbacks, but most of them know what they are good at. We seem to have missed even that. Then lack of proper script. The age old done to death plot of heir to hundred crores’ estate which in this age of technology for God’s sake does not hold true, a simple DNA match and you are out. On top of that thoughtless story progression, taking viewers as nincompoop, no story structure, no convincing characters, no proper plot points, conveniences, forget surprises – a highly predictable storyline, along with   

FACT – OK. That’s enough. Ab raite pe namak mat chhidko yaar.broken heart
fact – In fact we are wasting readers’ time by discussing this failed raita recipe. But since that’s our business we have to offer the prayers..or people will think we only discuss Daawats and Cocktails!!   

FACT – Let’s tell them the storyline..
fact- And complete the formality, if they are still around..

Balwinder (Mika) Singh sets out from Ludhiana to Mumbai to become famous and lands up as tenant with Rustom uncle (Asrani) sharing a room with another Balwinder Singh (Shaan) from Patiala. Just then arrives another tenant Julie (Gabriela) in another room. Some on the face – too much forced & clichéd humour sets up the first act.

The second act unfolds with a business tycoon (Anupam Kher) searching his grandson, again named as Balwinder Singh.

In order to succeed the riches both our Balwinder Singhs with two more Balwinder Singhs compete and try in too much banal ways to outsmart each-other. While all of them know the DNA test results are likely anytime still they continue staying put much to the conveniences of the writers/directors.

Then there is that D2D sequence where men disguise as ladies to cheat everyone!! Surprisingly no one can make out but Mr. Tycoon who does that in first look!!

You must have guessed the outcome correctly by now.

No, not the financial outcome that film managed a humble 35 lakhs in the first weekend (Don’t ask why so much, maybe we have too many reviewers like me out there), but even the story outcome. The age old Rajkumar story where the King was searching for his Prince had much better resolution than this.  

FACT – What do we do with this raita? I can’t eat it myself.   
fact – You remember the famous Chaplin cake-pie slapstick..
at least it will help us hide our faces!! crying

   Sanjay Sharma

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