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Khoobsurat:Fair deal of Fantasy


Fair Deal of Fantasyangel


FACT – We are going to make Strawberry shake today..
fact – Where are the strawberries but..?surprise

FACT – We have the syrup, artificially enhanced flavour. This works better than real strawberry. I bet you will forget the original strawberry. Here are the ingredients..

Sweet-sour Strawberry Syrup (Sonam Kapoor)
Slim (Pasteurized, no/zero fat) Milk (Fawad Khan)

fact – This milk is imported..?
FACT – Milk is milk. The final taste doesn’t depend on milk but other additives which are indigenous.. we want to add our Bollywood flavour to their milk ok other ingredients are

Lemon Juice (Ratna Pathak)
A pinch of salt (Kirron Kher)

fact – You are a genius blender. Lemon juice & salt in Milk Shake is innovative and risky too, what if the milk spoils..

FACT – For that we are going to add sugar - a lot of sugar;
Sugar + Sweetener (Fairy tale story)
fact – But that will kill the original taste of strawberry..sad

FACT – It doesn’t matter. People come to enjoy their drink not to understand organic taste. This is Feel Good Juice shop not Sula’s winery for connoisseurs’ wine tasting.
Next ingredient -

Cherry (Aditi Rao Hyderi) on the top just for presentation..

FACT – This is only for decoration. You can remove it if you don’t want. It makes no difference to the taste of the shake.
fact – Now what are you doing? Adding honey, after adding so much of sugar..!

FACT – Shut up. Now go and serve it to that couple on Table No. 2

fact – Wow, they are enjoying..smiley

FACT – So you agree I know my business better than you.
fact – Humm. I am learning. Make a sweet preparation and serve it in a swanky shop, let people feel high and make them pay..

FACT – Right..here’s yours. Enjoy.
fact- I don’t know why but I am enjoying it.cheeky

Mrinalini aka Mini Chakravorty (Sonam) a physiotherapist with IPL team, gets an offer to treat a Royal head who is wheelchair bound. For this she moves into the Royal Palace where they have strict disciplines laid by Rani-Sa (Ratna Pathak). Mini comes in as an odd girl who creates turmoil in the Royal humdrum and this leads to fun of all kinds. Here we also have a Prince Vikram (Fawad Khan) who is kind of blinkered frog single-mindedly focussed on increasing Royal business/wealth. Arrival of Mini in this house changes their lives to make the Royalty laugh/love/linger together. Mini’s mom Manju (Kirron Kher) comes in as a moral advisory support to Mini through Skype calls and a source of continuous fun for the audience. She adds salt to the sweetie sweet shake.

The film flows smooth like this faluda, err.. milk shake and we enjoy the sweet-sour doses of comedy in copious amounts. Amidst this, Mini wins over the stubborn King and cures him, befriends the Princess and kindles romance in the heart of the Frog Prince, adding her strawberry flavour to the bland milk and melts the toughened Queen’s mettle, neutralizes her citrus acids with her sweet demeanours..

She marries the handsome Prince who is not a blinkered frog anymore (she kissed the frog and transformed him into a cool dude).cool

FACT – Do you have any problem with the shake?
fact – Na..I am fine. All that sugar you added, did not dissolve fully and now coming as too much sweet an aftertaste. The climax where Prince proposes her is satiating with sweetness.

But I give you full credit for harnessing power of fairy tales. A feel good impression can do wonders. Life is not so sweet and beautiful. But then fantasy is the soul of fairy tales. When in fantasy you have all right to make it ideal, sweet and beautiful sans negatives. And you have been successful to a large extent in alienating people from their problems at least for those 130 min. Congratulations. yes

As Papa Kapoor will say “Fantastic” or “Jhakkaass”.. cool

FACT – Don’t you have any writing issues as usual..?
fact- Ya, but frankly things have been anyway set-up at lighter and easy levels. So there is no point in discussing whys & hows, ifs & buts..

Mini & her mom Manju come up as funny & enjoyable characters. Both performed much better than they have been written. This becomes the backbone of the show. Prince Vikram’s character is not fleshed out properly and a lot has been left to imagination. Some info about him comes through other characters but we don’t experience or even see much of it. So there was no big scope for his performance either.

The main antagonist Rani-sa character is again not done up fully. Her transformation is not through resolution of her own conflict. All her issues have been externalized with other characters and their transformations cause her change. Why she was so disciplined?

There are conviniences like some Dr. Shetty logic which was not necessary. If you can't deal with logic why bring it up? To throw Mini out you need a Dr. Shetty, I don't understand how & why? And if he is abroad can't one reach him? Ask a Producer to throw out Writer and he will do it in jiffy without checking with the director. 

Nevertheless it is the girl’s show and she pulls off the fairy tale impressively. Lot of hardwork and confidence in her are evident.

Music is good. The end credit party song keeps the audience glued to their seats till last!

The dialogues evoke laughter frequently. laugh

FACT – Will you have one more..?   
fact – Can’t take so much sweet back to back. May be a little later..This is sweeter than the Sweets we get at Rajashree Mishthan Bhandar. I will eat some raw strawberry to get back the real taste..

FACT – You writer, tum nahin sudharoge..
fact – Nothing like that sir, I just want to reconnect with life..when I want to relax (fantasize) again I will have your Strawberry shake cum falooda..for sure. cheeky

   Sanjay Sharma


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