Food for Thought

Habib Faisal
Writer - Director

Jyoti Kapoor
Story Co-writer

Film Review
Daawat-e-Ishq:Food for Thought

Dawaat-e-Ishq heart

Some Dawaat Some Adaawat

FACT – (Burp) This is something big for us the foodies. cheeky
fact – Seems like you overate..

FACT – Ya, feasted upon it..didn’t you?
fact – In a way.. but as they say “A contented mind is a perpetual feast”, felt a bit short of contenting my mind.

FACT – You stupid writer again..so much of Food, Beauty, Colour and Music, and you are still not content.. I don’t understand your appetite..
fact – I expected some overdose of Food for Thought, besides an eyeful of feast. Like every city has some joints famous for certain speciality with recipes perfected so much that even a slightest flaw pinches you.

FACT – You are such a spoilsport. When you go for a Daawat you never find faults, that’s bad manners. It takes a lot to prepare so many delicacies and serve..frown
fact – I know. Culinary Art is a very fine art and these Master Chefs have only made it so sensitive that if it is not perfect you may feel filled up but miss that “fulfilment”. On that account I think it was Diet Daawat.

FACT – Where do you find it fell short of ..
fact- With Writing as usual. Let me elaborate.

Well educated, pretty & smart Gulrez’s (Parineeti) upright father (Anupam Kher) can’t afford to pay dowry to buy a suitable groom for her. After repeated humiliations and a heartbreak Gulrez decides to misuse IPC 498a (An Indian Law against the practice of Dowry) and trap some greedy family and blackmail them into paying settlement sum which she intends to utilize for her higher education. Unfortunately she traps a boy Tariq (ARK) who is too much of a gentleman. She also falls for him but as the plot goes she carries on with her con inspite of all this and runs away with his cash, leaving Tarik hunting for her. Eventually she transforms and decides to return his cash, but things get blown up little too much for her to handle. An agency of goons, Tariq & police all are after her individually & severally. Finally misunderstandings are resolved and they live happily..

FACT – It’s a clear solid plot. Where’s the problem? indecision
fact – Coming to it..

  1. After she realizes she has conned a good guy and fears if she reveals her truth she will be behind bars so she goes ahead in conning him further presuming there is no better option. Why doesn’t she just leave without fooling him? Hers is a path of no return doesn’t come out clear. She could very well make an excuse (she’s smart enough) and quietly escape without harming this noble man further and move on to find some real greedy target. Or she could even leave his money when he’s asleep.
    She going on with the fraud makes her a confused/weak character. THIS is the prime conflict – Moral/Love or Money. Duel with one’s own conscience; kind of classic conflict when both options are down and yet necessary. This conflict hasn’t been harnessed fully. She just picks up the money and flees. Doesn't she have a heart? This takes away our sympathy for her. I think, some compelling force, the real reason that she could not but had to do this against all her dilemma is absent. You won't complete an act if in the process you realize you are against a wrong guy.
  2. Her transformation happens after she lives with the guilt for a while away from him. Though this is quite possible in real life, in reel life we again need some force that causes this change - some kind of dramatization. Had his goodness being the sole reason, then the same reason was very well valid and known to her even at the point when she fooled him. Nothing dramatic happens with/to her which forces this transformation making her ready to face direst consequences..
  3. Besides this there are some minor problems which are inherent with story telling – like Tariq searching her could have been bit intriguing. They speak in Hyderabadi accent still he can’t make out she was from Hyderabad? Tariq's character though lovable appears too naive and becomes a very easy a victim for Gulrez. The con happens without any direct/indirect resistance, making it tad too simple. Then while she is on her way to return his money she doesn’t call him. In this age of technology, this is quite unlikely..

FACT – But nobody cares for these issues. You may not be fully satisfied, I am quite home & would love to gobble at another chance.   
fact – Sure, do invite me – will join certainly. With today’s standard this film is sure a feast over some other famine, especially for the hungry young men like us.

FACT – So it seems rest all is fine.
fact – Yes to a large extent. The lead pair is feast for eyes and Music also is sensible, with good legible lyrics. Dialogue come easy though the Hyderbadi dialect could have been much better. The side actors who might be locals from Hyderabad look more authentic..

FACT – Film has a strong message, no dowry please.. yes
fact – That’s good. Also it fuels the debate on misuse of IPC 498a, which has already been amended in July 2014, by the Apex court.

FACT – So what's your overall take..?
fact – The feast could been the talk of town and for quite some time, had the love been bit sweeter & organic, the hatred really bitter, drama been hotter and tears really salty, also the dosage of sweet-sour comedy wasn't enough as sidie..

When adaawat takes over the daawat, film looses the grip..

But one scene stands out - something truly classic, the Master Chef's signature delicacy -
When Gulrez is covered with a Lucknowvi rumali roti and Tarik removes the hijaab..so romantic; so symbolic!!

   Sanjay Sharma


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