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Finding Fanny:Tell me a tale of CockTail

Finding Fanny
A lingering ‘cock & tail’ story of togetherness yes

FACT – Cheers!smiley
fact – Cheers Sayba..But what’s this? Smells very strong..surprise

FACT – That’s Feni. Local Goan wine..or country liquor, no exact definition, Feni is Feni simple..
fact – OMG, the taste is also not usual or familiar..frankly maka ruchuna.indecision

FACT – You don’t have the taste, it needs to be developed. After a while you will be comfortable..
fact – Hum.. seems like that. Ataa maka ruchunk lagalein. cheeky

FACT – Don’t hurry let it stay. It works slowly if you are in hurry it might prove bad for you.
fact – Ok. I will let it stand. It’s fun at times to check out weird varieties.

FACT – So what’s the news?
fact – Ferdinand (Naseer) had proposed to Stefanie aka Fanny in 1967 through post, which returns undelivered after 46 years. Ferdi is sad that his love never got expressed and he had been living all his life thinking she did not reciprocate. Angie (Deepika) is a sweet-heart who wants him to tell this to Fanny and she makes the arrangements to go Finding Fanny. These first few sips of Feni get you the kick. But then... 

FACT – You need to savour it and not rush..
fact – Ya. The pace does drag, we wait for something but nothing much seems to be happening. And then you realize gradually that something indeed has been happening which you didn’t consciously recognize but in retrospect.

FACT – So you enjoyed it..?
fact – Just like this Feni, after developing the taste and letting the story take over.

Five of them on the search for Fanny. Pedro (Pankaj Kapur) owns a car, which is needed for the journey. He wants to make a portrait of Rozy, Angie’s mother-in-law. Rozy’s son whom Angie was married died on wedding day. Savio (Arjun Kapoor) who loved Angie but did not express, joins them as driver-friend.

As the story unfolds, we get to know more about the characters, their stories, backstories, and changing equations. There are no big surprises but that’s not the intention. The bitter-sweet story goes easy and does end in a satisfying sweet climax.

FACT – Just like this Feni.. it stays with you for a little longer than the actual session.
fact – Indeed.. In fact in a more profound way.. it’s so strong. Where was I..story..indecision

FACT – No you already reached the climax..
fact – How come? I did not mention about the two love stories simmering within.. some expected some unexpected jumble of romance.. I am feeling like I am drowning..

FACT – Looks like you are bit jumbled yourself. I am also plunging after you.
fact – Oh, I see under the table two bottles.. one fresh coconut Feni and another mature cashew apple Feni. So we were drinking a cocktail!! surprise

FACT – That was the surprise..laugh
fact – While all the way I felt I was watching the young romance brewing you were also feeding me that mature love story secretly.. which are so similar yet so different. Both are Feni in nature but with markedly different taste.
I had sensed something fishy, but you managed to have the upper hand. (hic).

I was traveling with you in search of Fanny, and while we do find her in the end you manage to confuse us with your puzzle to give a twist in the end (pre-climax). Bagal mein bachcha gaon mein dhindhora. (hic).

The clue was right there in the title. Finding Fanny. Fanny also means the buttocks. I was chasing some Fanny only to realize that I had to actually look for my own tail - right behind me.. Lovely cock-tail sayba..(hic).

FACT – Good that you liked my blend. (hic).
fact – After developing the taste. Not sure how many would like to come to your shack.. hope they do step in and enjoy your cocktail – shorter session, longer experience.

FACT – In fact the sessions were little bigger and sensual but the police you know. (hic).
fact – Sorry for that. Wish you had little more freedom there. Onto that the Hindi version lacks even more masala. Anyway let me complete my job (hic) by discussing the climax.(hic hic).

What happens in the end, ya remembered. Angie finds her father-in-law, Rozy finds Fanny, Ferdinand finds Rozy.. I am not able to find my glass, where’s it? (hic)

FACT – I think we are jumbling fumbling stumbling a lot.. let’s call it off..(hic).
fact – Ok let me drink from your glass for the roads. (hic).

FACT – Take care & sms me when you reach home..
fact – Deepika proves her versatility.. Arjun is better @WhyAreF, the other two of them are bosses and Dimple Madame.. I might come back tomorrow..good night!! (Hic).cool

fact collapses at the door..
FACT goes to pick him up but collapses too - right beside fact.
Close of the two Feni bottles lying beside each other under table.


   Sanjay Sharma


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