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Spoiler – The Promos have already done this job, so that gives me Carte Blanche. smiley

FACT – So what’s cooking for lunch?
fact – Meal for kids, snack for adults, sort of brunch which is more filling than lunch. A Thai Hot Dog..cheeky

FACT – Oh, is that so? You found it filling?
fact – Ya, in a way.. it is filling, may not be fulfilling but still serves its purpose, Entertainment..

FACT – I think at best it’s entertainment for under-15..
fact – Or a child inside us, even if the film succeeds in doing that, I think that’s great. When the general IQ of our films is going south, when we don’t get what we expect from so called path-breaking films, it helps to have this kind of films at times to enjoy with the junior citizens, or to entertain the child inside us..

FACT – A lot of stuffing, add-ons, side dishes are old formulas, nothing new..
fact – Humm, the attempt wasn’t to present something fresh, but use the available stock in a way that looks a fresh recipe and serves the purpose.. Entertainment.

Let me elaborate..

The Protagonist Akhil (Akshay Kumar) is an orphan who one day learns he is the only son & survivor of a billionaire tycoon in Bangkok. But when he goes to claim his fortune he finds his dead father has willed it to his pet the Dog, Entertainment.

FACT – Please don’t call Dog, say Golden Retriever.
fact – Please allow me to call Dog, at least after watching this film, Dog is a dignified term..

So continuing further, While initially Akhil tries to kill the Dog, to reclaim his fortune, later on impressed by his loyalty, he transforms and fights to get the wealth back to Entertainment from the baddies Karan (Prakash Raj) & Arjun (Sonu Sood) who have usurped it by tricks..

While Pet inheriting wealth is not legally allowed unless there is trust so something, a lot of stories have been written on this around the World eg. an Animation movie Millionaire Dogs. So to begin with, the plot could be original in the Bollywood, it is still not so outside.

Then further far-fetched is Karan-Arjun usurping the property. Again usurping Property in Bollywood is treated like eating Hot Dog. When son is alive who has all the evidences, then how come the second cousins get it?

The plot further builds on such conveniences and is conveniently resolved when Karan-Arjun confess that they have cheated. Apparently the most officially & legally done thing in the plot is this, which is sorted out easily..

Now if we leave the loaf of logic aside, then inside the Hot Dog is over stuffed up with all the ingredients, rolls, salad & sauces that the film makers had, whether they were needed or not. Even when something is not going with the flow it is there if it can make you giggle..
So what the film eventually becomes is a mad comedy where logic, nature, science everything is battered for comedy. But since it is a fun trip such things mostly can be ignored as the laugh riot contniues. Though a lot of things are repetitive but still the way it is performed and presented general audience would enjoy this Entertainment of woofs and spoofs.

But unfortunately again a lot of humour banks on Bollywood jokes. We have actors name planted in the dialogue to stir up some laughter. Though it works, but what’s sad it shows film makers only know their own trade, people and keep bringing them or their lives rather than something from real life.. We need to come out of the well, a little bit is ok, but all.. Anyway like I said in the beginning we can’t expect a lot of innovations from such films..
Coming to other departments..

Akshay pulls it off and is best in his scenes with the Dog. Tamannaah (I don’t know her numerological spelling so pl manage with this) is nicely coming up as another
“40+star-onscreen-hot-companion”. Krushna as Jugnoo is great. The Dog itself looks tired and displays much less energy vis-à-vis Akshay, or may be the actors are so enthused that the central character decided to underact. Johny Lever & Mithun prove they are veterans among the lot.

FACT –  And the side dishes..?
fact – Music is fun while watching. Johny Johny has some fresh & funny choreography.
Saadde Veere Di Wedding is the best. Both written by Mayur Puri.
Rest I don’t recall, that gives you the hint..

FACT – Film has a strong message, love your pets..
fact – Really, for long due to the Animal Rights issue we are deprived of the Animal Centric Films, which on the contrary cultivates love for animals among the children. May be one animal is strained but whole community benefits. Now I hope people will pet dogs inspired from this film.
But in the meanwhile go do some Pet-Pooja, have this Hot Dog on the Rainy Weekend & take your family too, if you have young kids or old parents and even pets if they are allowed.
You will enjoy this woofy-spoofy Hot Dog if you are not fussy about the logic loaf and occasionally relish Bollywood Junk food..yes

Aside – The Film begins with Tips Industries & Jayantilal Gada Presents should it be ‘Present’ as there are two entities presenting the film? surprise


   Sanjay Sharma


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