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Kick:New Improved Dhoom OR Unofficial Dhoom 4


A Penalty corner making it to the Goal.. smiley

FACT – Hi Foodie, we have spoken about Pizza, Sizzlers, what dish do you see Kick as?
fact – For me, even Kick is an eatable. Writers and for that matter most strugglers in this industry eat lots of kicks for their meals. Unless you have good backing Kick remains your staple food..

FACT – Can’t disagree. Though I am bold & privileged I had my share of kicks.
fact – Even biggies here have to eat this staple food. This very film has its backstory of giving Kick to a big-time filmmaker. Kick is an essential part of business..sad

FACT – Ok so let’s discuss this staple food or else both of us will be kicked out..
fact – Sure..let’s begin with story..

FACT – Oh, there is story? I thought its Bhai’s film and it was designed to break records irrespective of script..
fact – Yes, indeed. It is designed to succeed. A weekend followed by Eid and a monopolistic release is bound to fetch more than 200 Crs. But still it’s good news that they have bothered to have some story unlike Dabang etc.

Of course, this story is not at all new. It comes out like a Mixed Veg Sabzi – which has most of Dhoom & Krish franchise elements.

A Robinhood kind of high profile thief is being chased by cops and he most times manages to achieve his goals pretty easily. You see you get a penalty corner and the defending goalie is your friend. Like that.

The film starts with Shaina (JacF) speaking to Himanshu (Randeep) of her ex. Devilal who can’t take anything that comes easy - without challenges. Barring breathing normal air he does everything even pees in a challenging style. This habit makes him a fleeting personality and he can’t hold on to a job. And thus they part ways.

FACT – Bit unconvinced, but its Bhai’s film we will consider..
fact – In the same sequence Himanshu tells her that he has won medals etc. for several impossible missions but only one thief is giving him run for his job and he is Devil.

FACT – Oh Devil means Devi Lal enlightened
fact – You got it, everybody gets it but this decorated officer fails to get that. Bhai ki film hai yaar..

Now this supercop has come here after our superthief to Warsaw where our pretty woman lives now..

FACT – Just like Dhoom.. foreign locations, cop & thief.. surprise
fact – You will have Dhoom Déjà vu several times in the film especially when he can easily get-in and get-out breaching the best security arrangements and managing to sweep lots of currency in front of Scotland Yard kind of police.
Attentions to such minor details were not necessary in Dhoom and this toh..

FACT – Bhai ki film hai..
fact – Naturally we feel that due to Devilal’s tendency of enjoying Kick meaning adrenaline rush, he must be doing all this, but wait there is a noble cause..

FACT – Bhai ki film hai, noble cause is after all must.
fact – That’s part of being human. But this is what works for the film. This makes it New Improved Dhoom. Bhai’s Devil is actually robbing corrupt ministers to fund medical treatments of poor and needy children. Bit of melodrama but Bhai ki..

It touches your heart more than any of the Dhoom’s motivation. Its Robinhood story which has been made time & again and it worked whenever made correctly. This is one such example.

FACT - Screenplay is also entertaining, tries to hold the grip
fact – But isn’t very innovative or out-of-the-box. It has its share of Bollywoody flaws, which we by now take easy, like..

  1. A 2” mask is enough to hide a person’s identity..
  2. When you see a person with fake moustache you can’t recognize him, even if you are a cop.
  3. As a cop you won’t arrest a criminal even if you know who he is, where he is.
  4. Just by holding your breath for 15 min you can prove you are dead, not only to a battery of highly qualified doctors but also to paraphernalia of hi-tech Medicoelectronic Instruments monitoring your life parameters. OMG moment of this film. Bollywoody Kick on the butt of all common sense, science & nature - all & sundry. Guys, you think we are fool that's fine, but doctors, machines.
  5. You can jump out of a window in Warsaw and land in London on the otherside and soon drive in to Film City/Mumbai by turning left..right or even without that..
  6. Continuity ki Maa ki Ankh. A bus's windscreens are seen broken in a shot before and look intact in the next shot..
  7. Hero can drive through series of blast but will come out unscathed and his vehicle scratchless even if he drives a huge double decker bus..
  8. Etc. etc.

Well while these are usual Bollywood flaws the director may consider necessary but not sufficient to make a film, so he leaves some major loose ends by his own standards like..

Devilal gives up his love because he thinks they are not fit for eachother. She insists on job he insists on kick. Then, Why in Warsaw he begins to sing & dance with her. What happens to his amnesia when he sings & dances with her?

And how in the end they make up? Ok, she realizes he is messiah but he is still the same or worse kick master. Why he goes back to her? This romance track is concluded in one line of dialogue and all of the girl’s therapies and ambitions of revenge for ditching her never find a second of screen time.

FACT – But then Bhai ki film hai..and inspite of its design there is some work on script that’s good news for writers.
fact – Coming to dialogues. It is difficult to say whether some repartee’s were lost in editing or missed out in the script itself. Some errors were deliberate or genuine.
Like Saurabh Shukla (Jac’s Dad) needs to tell her to go and fetch Himanshu from airport and he tells “Why don’t you go and bring him up.”  laugh Given that he is playing a character of the Indian Diplomat in Warsaw and Mr. Saurabh being himself a dialogue writer..this sounds unusual.

FACT – Himmesh Reshammia's Music is hit, I know. Bhai’s song got 20 lacs hits in five days..

fact – And when it comes to acting Randeep Hooda is the underdog who manages to steal the show inspite of Salmaan.
He shows immense facility and is fun to watch. Jac dances ten times better than she acts. Nawazuddin tries to go over the top. This kind of acting had its high sometimes before.
Mithun is Dada.

FACT – And no need to discuss Salmaan’s acting..
fact – Humm, Bhai ki hi toh film hai..

FACT – Will it break records? I have heard breaking records gives the greatest Kick, only a privileged few can have..
fact – It might do a good business. But since there have been this kind of films recently and lack of enough romance and comedy may stop it short of The Goal..

FACT – So we can go and get kicked..
fact – Sure, if you are a Bollywood masochist who enjoys Bollywoody torture this kick will give you loads of pleasure.

FACT – That’s Kick-Ass..   yes

   Sanjay Sharma


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