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Pizza:Unbaked & Unfinished

FACT – Pizza is a fast food - made quickly, delivered quickly and eaten quickly.

fact – Therefore one doesn’t have time to innovate, time to develop the recipe properly. Most times people add random toppings and wait for accidents to make it ‘Out of the World’ Pizza and more often than not that results in failures called Pizza. Hence wise people import recipes and make their Pizza successfully. They don't believe in wasting time in developing own recipe. Even this Pizza's script is adapted from Tamil super hit film with same name. It is difficult to imagine that even with tested successful recipe people can fail in delivering a right Pizza. crying

FACT – When you have resources & recipe what could go wrong..?
fact – It seems unlike wise film makers they tried to experiment a lot with the recipe - shuffling ingredients, stuffing with extra cheese and that's why probably went wrong with the final product. Not that one should not experiment but we can modify something only if we have understood how it was created in first place. Otherwise best is to create one's own recipe.. why don't people try doing this than modifying other person's creativity unsuccessfully..?

The film begins with the story of a Pizza Delivery boy’s family – which is in need of money. One day when he goes to deliver a pizza he finds himself trapped in a haunted house. The story stagnates in this haunted house like forever. Same things are repeatedly done in bits & pieces to scare you. The ghosts in the house come and scare him and disappear without doing any damage. This goes on and on. In between he keeps going to bedrooms to have some more horror experiences without getting any wisdom from the previous ones. Remember the Horror Houses shows @Essel World etc.? Just like them. Various disjointed efforts are made to scare you without any progress in the plot or connection / harm to the characters.

The plot progresses too little too late - in the third Act when his girlfriend goes missing that too in a very confusing and contrived manner. Basically there is no proper Second Act, there was some set-up and the resolution, so unnecessary & irrelevant scary scenes were added to fill the vacuum of the second act. Only Pizza base and some toppings can’t make it a good Pizza, you need good stuffing/spread too..

FACT – So Writing is a problem..frown
fact – It could be writing so editing, or even Producers’ choice. We can’t blame writing alone. It's obvious that if the Boy’s horror section is shown in flashback as first person account the story becomes valid... In the film the characters are shown cheating each-other. But whether it is Characters cheating Writers, Writer cheating Director or Director cheating Producers, Producers cheating audience..or all of the above, finally it’s the audience who is fed this part unbaked, part over-baked – experimental Pizza.

FACT - There must be something enjoyable about it..
fact - Abhijeet's dialogues come as a solace and succeed in bringing out laughs wherever they get opportunity. The 60s style number 'Adhuri Kahani' is a nostalgic melody amidst the haunting tension. It serves as delicious hot & sweet sauce on this pizza.  Had it been properly presented this Pizza would have been a nice change Hindi Horror films are waiting for. sad

Spoiler Ahead – If you intend to watch the film then don’t read further especially the finer font.
This Spoiler is necessary because without discussing this important twist we can’t complete this discussion on Writing of this film.

In the end, taking you for ride it is told that it was all a prank which the Delivery Boy played on his boss to make some fast buck. Smart film making, Smart film makers.. Audience are fooled for sure.

Had this been shown as Flashback of the boy telling all this to his buddies we would have assumed that the boy lied, but you show all that happening linearly with the story unfolding  in front of you, and then tell us “What all you watched with your own eyes was just plain lie”.. then we have right to feel cheated.

FACT – So the call is clear.. I am sure you did not have Pizza for lunch..
fact – Call is made clear even by the film makers. The rotting Pizza shown repeatedly with worms crawling, will kill your appetite for Pizza if any left, and on top of that, there is a song played repeatedly in the film which gives out the message very clearly..

FACT – What song..?
fact – Bhag D.K. Bose, D.K. Bose, D.K.Bose, Bhag D.K.Bose D.K. bhag... O where are you going..?

FACT – Running away..
fact – Wait I am also coming.. just getting my Pizza parcel wink

   Sanjay Sharma


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