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Hate Story:Hot & Hit Story

FACT – It’s raining like Mumbai now..
fact – Good time to eat some sizzlers.. and this film comes very much close. Hot and burning.. emitting smoke and all..

FACT – Yes, I can see that from posters, they look pretty hot
fact – Oh that poster, it is just like the first Hate Story, but neither this poster nor the first part has anything to do with this Sequel..

FACT – Ya, now we are used to watching sequels which are not at all connected with the first part..
fact – And sometimes even the second half of the film is not connected with its first half.. :) Jokes apart, I am talking about the hot and smoky story of film – not the bareback poster which is only for promo. Of course, there is lot of other hot masala too, like a Sunny Leone Item number and the sizzling “Aaj phir tum pe”. But most important for us is the Writing.

FACT – Nobody is going to see story in this film, people are going to watch the actors, I mean acting..
fact – You are right in a way. Initially a few would definitely come to watch the actor rather than acting because the invitation is like that. But eventually what will see the crowd swelling in next few days is the Story.

FACT – Is the story that great?
fact – I don’t mean that. The Story is clichéd. We have seen it several times in Indian & foreign films. A sexually exploited woman going out to take her revenge - an age-old plot, but the screenplay holds. Though it is not highly innovative but it manages to sustain the intrigue & pace keeping the audience gripped. Despite the stale plot, the intense thriller treatment carries it off effectively.

FACT – No Writing hiccups?
fact – Can’t say that. There are many like
- her disability has been conveniently used, this disability does not come in her way as a big challenge..
- we never know precisely what was her back-story..why she chose to be a mistress of evil man? It comes as a line of narration not even dialogue, which is not very convincing.
- A minute before Cop-in-charge wants to keep her info secret, a minute after he is seen flashing her pictures to passers-by.
- The villain is so strong that he can find out her whereabouts in some other State but is not able to trace her when she is hiding around in his territory..
- She is a ‘fugitive’, but still manages to do a lot. Nobody actually tries to search for her. She also gets chauffer driven exotic limousines while on run.. :)
- What makes her a sharp shooter overnight is our Bollywood age-old sauce ( Ek chammach hi kafi hai). Without this sauce this sizzler will fall flat.
- Dreadful villain who has just beaten her suddenly becomes scared of her just in the next sequence without any solid incidence.. not convincing..
- Her ‘single appearance’ grandma apparently more of villain strength than heroine’s weakness disappears conveniently..
and then...

FACT – Ok. That’s enough for time being.. I thought you were positive about the screenplay..
fact – I am still fine. I said, the screenplay will take you along and these issues won’t bother you while watching.

Besides this the acting is reasonably good. The lead actress Surveen is impressive. Her confidence is evident in the style with which she kills her enemies. Sushant Singh is great in negative role - once again reminds us of Sahar. Gets to do some cool dialogue-baazi which evokes good response.

For a change - Hero in this film comes only to sing songs. Jay Bhanushali enjoys doing this part with panache.

And from songs, I recall.. the film’s music is pleasant, already bursting the charts. The classic “Aaj phir tum pe pyar aaya hai” (Dayavan 1988) has been spiced up to suit the 2014 sizzler as side dish. If you are a die-hard classic fan, you will find this spice an adulteration else, you may end up savouring it repeatedly. 

FACT – So what’s the call..
fact – If intense thriller is your game, you will relish this sizzler – hot and smoking, some ingredients charred, some burning with revenge.. go for it – sizzlers are fun in rains. But tempted with the posters if you are expecting some meat balls, leg pieces then you will be disappointed. There are some but too little. She is not using her body as weapon but petrol cans, gas cylinders, guns etc. It is majorly a Veg Sizzler. The hotness is basically of the heat (read angst) and not meat, some masala or sauces but no galore of kebab etc.

FACT – A Veg Treat is always better..
fact – Then why invite the non-vegetarians so extensively.                  

   Sanjay Sharma


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