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Lekar Hum Deewana Dil:Raw Ingredients Messy Soup (Very Cool)

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Spoiler Warning – isn’t necessary, as the film itself is a huge spoiler!!wink

FACT – I represent the majority and we don’t want to discuss this film.. so just shut up.
fact – But we are here to discuss films..

FACT – (Silent) indecision
fact – You are right. People want to forget this film quickly; even the makers. In fact the first cinema hall we went to cancelled the show and we had to rush to another, where we had luxury of watching it like Mr. Bachchan of Sharabi.

FACT – (Silent, smiling).smiley
fact – You know what happened 2-3 years back..

FLASHBACK (At a success party of Rockstar - Ranbir Kapoor and Imtiaz Ali chatting)

Ranbir – Imtiaz - Armaan, my brother – cousin, wants to be launched..
Imtiaz – What a co-incidence, even Arif, my brother – real, wants to be launched..
A.R. Rehman (butting in) – Hey guys can I join you..?

This sowed the seeds that made a real killer soup called LHDD. Three main ingredients were in place - Actor, Director and THE Composer.

FACT – What about script..?
fact – Recipe isn’t necessary, ingredients are enough.

FACT – Indeed, recipe is not necessary if all that you intend to make is a soup..

fact – Well, the boy Dinu, is ultra-cool-dude kind of character, carefree, drinks cool beer, smokes cool things.
As cool as ice. So is she – K. In short spoilt brats, supposedly the most identifiable - perfect stereotype of modern days’ youth as perceived by the film makers. At no point do they win our empathy due to their irritable actions. So we are not at all in love with them neither they look in love with each-other so the supporting characters tell us that they are in love with each-other. They are so annoying that eventually they start irritating even each-other.

Ok. They realize their love when fully drunk and to save the girl from unwanted marriage they elope. On the run get married too. This chunk of the film may hold your interest due to the adventure treatment shot mostly on real locales. The director genuinely makes you feel the reality which his characters are experiencing. The idea “Life is not a fairy tale and reality has its own hardships” comes right in front. We expect them to fight the reality but our cool characters lose their tempers and fight among themselves and decide to separate.

Somewhere during this eloping sequence, you begin liking them and look forward to see how they live up to the testing times but instead the story takes weird turn and they part ways. Dinu’s resolve that he won’t let antagonist forces win, fizzles out in very next scene. K’s similar commitment goes ditto. So they come back to their cosy homes in South Mumbai. SoBo guys, didn’t they check-in Taj when the power went off once? Such real characterization!! So the film comes back full circle to square one, where instead of fighting the antagonist forces, the protagonists fight among themselves. Ok again, it could be some different story..but no, the action ends here and the film goes into circles after this.

A divorce case is filed and we get to see alternate cycles of court proceedings and parallel counselling aimed at rapprochement. The story stagnates here. Hearings in the court and counselling sessions don’t move the story any forward. Some parallel forced scenes outside make unsuccessful & unconvincing attempts at rekindling love, which are same that we saw in the beginning.

Actually there are some shades of WHAT HAPPENS IN VEGAS (2008) wherein a couple accidentally gets married and then goes through divorce proceedings in court and simultaneous counselling during which they slowly feel their chemistry reviving (mostly sexual attraction) and decide to withdraw their divorce petition and live happily together.

Here Dinu is underage. As per Indian Laws the marriage itself is invalid so there is no need of any annulment. They are free to walk away. But still there are those court proceedings, Why? Especially when there is no distant connection with Vegas.

Also in VEGAS they go to limits to destroy the opponent’s case and LHDD too has some weak attempts at doing that, which the makers realize weren’t going anywhere w.r.t. plot or comedy so they are immediately withdrawn.

In VEGAS Sexual attraction plays important role in resolving the issue, which can’t be done here because circumstances didn’t let that happen. So the resolution comes just like that they meet and are told by others that they are in love.. same as in the beginning. Things change at cosmetic level, but nothing substantial happens. The girl & boy come together the way they did initially. This resolution could as well have come in the beginning itself.

Throughout the film audience is never convinced they are in love. Dinu at one point tells a friend who has crush on K, that if he had told him about that, the three of them would have eloped together! He also jokes who will be the second husband of K!! Now seriously is that love, or is that ice cool? I am feeling frozen. How do you identify with this guy?

To add to the torture there are subplots, treated so half-heartedly that they make no sense.

Ironically, this film which gives you an experience of failure of Elopement, also shows in the end credits, interviews of real-life couples who eloped successfully and are living happily today.

FACT – And the big A.R.Rehman music?
fact – Most times I felt like asking U.R.Rehman Sir?

FACT – So shall I try this “cool” soup..
fact – I don’t know if they are still serving it.

   Sanjay Sharma


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