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Bobby Jasoos :Bhabhi’s Boneless Be-dum Biryani

The opinions expressed herein are solely that of the reviewer. FWA does not in anyway dis/agree with the opinions/content.  This review is basically from the Scriptwriter’s PoV and contains spoilers.

FACT – People are not finding enough dum in this Hyderabadi Biryani..Bhabhi Jasoos..
fact – You may be right figuratively, but technically it is Bobby Jasoos. The Audience is liking this sweet-sour Biryani till some point, especially the kids...

FACT – But small fact, Biryani is not Maggi. When you sell Biryani it must kick some ass, what’s the point of Biryani if it has no Dum..
fact – Humm, have to agree with you. Marketing teams should note, wrong commitments could fail right product. If you make Veg-Pulao please project it as Veg Pulao and not Dum Biryani.  The smell while cooking, the presentation while serving soar expectations high and when you finish eating, you realize that though stomach is full, the taste buds are unsatisfied.

FACT – Let’s come out from the kitchen to Final Draft please.
fact – Sure. When you say Jasoos and give a thriller treatment to the film, the impression is, something big is impending. We expect some problem unfolding and mystery spiralling into irrepressible proportions. And when it ends into some shocking revelation we are on cloud nine. That doesn’t happen exactly with this film. Yes, with Bobby name and those caricatured guises they do convey the tone of the film but if it is a Jasoos’s story, it must be Dum Biryani and it can’t be boneless fried rice.
The Wannabe Jasoos character has been doing rounds of Bollywood since 60s.  Do Jasoos, Gopichand Jasoos, Jauhar-Mehmood etc. in old days and recently Mr. Joe B Carvalho. All had amateur Jasoos who solve some mystery bungling here and there. This trait gives colour to the character as it helps doubling them as comedian. But most of those films had plots which lead to some shocking revelation towards the end. In Bobby Jasoos the build-up of the mystery doesn’t lead to appropriate resolution which becomes a big let-down. 
A good thriller when ends, becomes more valid in retrospect. In Bobby Jasoos all the questions that arise till the climax, actually overthrow the entire build-up.

Had Aziz Khan approached Bobby in a straight forward manner like an ordinary man in search of someone, his job would have been much easier. Why he unnecessarily complicates his approach raising doubts in her mind later? Why he disappears suddenly – when a threat like Bobby is nothing for him? Why doesn’t Lala directly checks with Bobby as what she’s upto rather than stalking on her which she doesn’t notice though herself a Jasoos? Why Aziz runs after Ali (Munna) wielding gun? How does he fall into her trap so easily? Why he is so weak Antagonist? Basically he is not at all an Antagonist. Many more such questions keep bothering as the resolution does not justify the way story unfolded, making it look contrived.  Some questions like - How come all the finds have a birthmark? All live in the same locality? All have retained their original names? Also make it look convenient & simplistic.

FACT – But you said, audience are relishing this so called Biryani till certain point..
fact – They are enjoying the sweet-sour treatment of this supposedly hot Dum-Biryani. On direction part too, the depiction of old city Hyderabad, Muslim middle class family, is so authentic one feels like being there virtually.
The best thing in the film is the Love Graph. It’s sweet, it’s sour. Simply delicious. The triangular scene between Tasavur – Bobby – Tasavur’s father is something this film may be remembered for. The actors are superb. You can watch some fine acting by all of them. Barring a couple of slips in Hyderabadi lingo, which will go unnoticed in most parts, it sails through almost. When you have cast like this, it’s obvious. They keep the film gliding till the end when the climax brings it down suddenly due to weak pay-off. The audience who are on high during interval break appear disappointed in the end.

FACT – People sorry critics are finding Music unnecessary..
fact – No, people is right. Not only critics. But frankly nice Urdu Ghazal like romantic song, really comes as Music to ears if you sink into it.. Kaju Kismis in the Biryani, remove them if you are allergic to calories of rest!!             

   Sanjay Sharma


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