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Ek Villain:Triple Sundae with Triple Chilli Red Seoul Sauce

Ek Villain V/s Ex-Villain

Opinions expressed here are solely that of the reviewer. FWA does not in anyway agree or disagree with them. This review is mostly from Scriptwriting’s PoV and contains spoilers.

FACT – What’s your opinion on Ek Villain? I, at times feel if you really have genuine opposition or you are just a Psycho with some Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (like some characters of this film) of being on Minority side always..
fact – Before opinions let’s look at these Bollywood titles which begin with Ek, they are so confusing.
Ek thi Daayan actually had two Daayans, Ek tha Tiger should have been Ek Hai Tiger as he is still living somewhere. Though Ek Villain simply does away with the tense, the confusion of number remains because the film has not just one but quite a few Villains. Hero is an ex-Villain who’s got reformed, so the title can’t be about him, otherwise it would have been Ek Tha Villain. There is a deadly serial killer and probably the film title is after him as it is specifies the number of villain as One. You may see Remo as another Villain, a cop as yet another Villain without reason, a misogynist sadist as a domestic villain, a nagging wife etc. “Kuchh Villains” would have been more appropriate title with a luckier “K” as bonus.

FACT – I think the producer wanted to have it alliterate with her name Ekta, may be on advice of certain numerologist..
fact – Ya possibly, that gives me another reason why she must have deleted Tha. Otherwise it would become Ek Tha Villain sounding like an unpleasant & incorrect “Ekta Villain”.

FACT – Let’s discuss the film now.. enough of the title.
fact – We begin with the plot. Hero is a reformed gangster who now wants to lead normal life with his lover wife who has caused his transformation. Just then she gets killed by a serial killer. Now Hero is out to find this killer and take his revenge.

I was into the film till the interval. It has the hook till then after which the film becomes directionless - a kati patang (metaphor), proceeding in wayward fashion. The plot works as long as it intrigues. After the Hero catches the Villain (Interval) the film gets into revenge triangle - Hero wants to take his revenge but a Cop for some unconvincing reason does not let him do that. Till interval the treatment has good suspense and intrigue, but the revenge saga thereafter becomes uninteresting indulgence without any solid driving force.

The Characterization and Plot are interconnected which is good but unfortunately they remain unconvincing and unfounded.

The Villain’s character is a serial killer because he wants to become Hero for his wife. He is a coward man in real life. Everyone including his wife scolds him so to vent his frustration he secretly goes on killing single ladies and enjoys a high. How would those secret killings eventually get him wife’s recognition is bit far-fetched. Still we discount it assuming he is a psycho. But post interval many other things start demanding more discounts..

The Hero’s is ex-villain who again becomes ruthless revenge seeker when his wife is killed. But his revenge is strange. He doesn’t kill the Villain but cures him at own expenses to beat him again. Why would you want to keep a Serial Killer alive, when you know he will again kill some helpless lady at first available opportunity? And he does so.  

The Cop also is more interested in not letting the Hero take his revenge rather than catching the Serial Killer. It looks ridiculous when the cop lets the serial killer run away saying “We will catch him later easily” and catches the Hero instead and puts him behind the bars. Where did he do his Police training? A known dreaded serial killer is allowed to escape and a reformed person is apprehended. And there is no corruption involved.. to clear any doubt. And this killer flees just a few minutes post his resuscitation to life which is post incessant beating to death..

The Police never seem to be doing anything to catch the killer. He is a telephone mechanic, it is so easy to catch him but no. Even when he is identified later and is on run – no picture is flashed anywhere on the TV to “Savdhan India” about this Killer-on-go. And when the killer calls all by himself, the cop instead of going to catch him, lets the Hero have his revenge by sending him alone there.. whatta cop out!!

Heroine’s character is so sweet that it satiates right in the beginning. She is bubbly because she is terminally ill and wants to spend her short life happily completing her diaryful of last wishes one by one- most of which are doing good to fellow men. Double triple Sundae, this girl. Her serious illness gets cured in jiffy when they come to a hospital co-sponsoring the film – how and why, don’t bother. And she conceives too, but doctors warn her not to go ahead till she becomes completely healthy. But Girly dear decides to have it for the hubby sending for toss his & co-sponsor hospital’s efforts for sixer. Why she can’t wait for sometime? She feels anyway she was dying – so why not die. This life she got came as unplanned just like pregnancy. There are no pages left in the last-wish diary too, so no point in living. Strange don’t people with ill-health consult doctors or the doctors of this co-sponsor hospital advised them on Dos and Don’ts in this health conscious age!!    

The other characters are also weakly sketched and unidentifiable. The wife of the Villain keeps nagging him for no reasons and still Villain continues to strive for her recognition. Villain’s friend keeps hitting his wife for no reason but still she keeps working like a servant. When the Villain tells this friend about him being a serial killer, the friend laughs proudly and even cracks a cruel joke!!

So if you can identify with all such characters, their bloody motivations, their irresponsible (read convenient) choices, may be you could like it as one time watch. It is not a soft romance drama as it appears in the promos. It is a grim dark film.

FACT – For majority too, such dark tragic thrillers are bitter pills. We are not Seoul curry, we are Indian curry, you see.
fact – We need emotional connections. Even when one has good inspirations, one needs good writing to make the work stand on its own and look convincing.

FACT – What happens to the last wishes of Triple Sundae?
fact – Triple Sundae wants to watch peacocks dancing. When our Hero takes her to the top of a hill in the forest, supposedly an area earmarked for peacock dancing, they don’t find any, because peacocks have danced and left as if it was a scheduled performance. Then in the middle of this forest a man comes from nowhere like secretary to the peacocks and informs them dancing is over for this season. Period.
At the end, when Hero goes there in memory of Triple Sundae to watch the peacocks dance, Indian and Exotic peacocks are seen dancing together in a single frame minus the secretary.  
BTW peacocks don’t dance only in rains and do not necessarily dance when it rains. But that’s a GK issue, audience doesn’t know about that or about “I saw the Devil” or whatever... 

   Sanjay Sharma


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