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Humshakals :HUMSHAKALS MADe by MAD, ABOUT MADs, FOR the MADs..

Opinions expressed herein are solely that of the reviewer’s. FWA does not in anyway agree or disagree with them. Focus of this review is mostly Writing, so it may contain spoilers.  

FACT V/s fact

fact – Big FACT, here’s a news for you. Sajid Khan and his sister Farah Khan were sitting in a coffee shop at the latter’s favourite Infinity Mall, Malad, when the audience coming out of Cinemax after watching Humshakals, spotted them. They were livid with madness so much that a few of them pulled out Sajid and started bashing him warning him not to make films again.. when Sajid Khan told them he wasn’t THE Sajid Khan but his Humshakal and the lady was also Farah’s Humshakal and unfortunately their names were also same!! This was a PJ.

FACT – It’s worse than Saif’s all PJs in the film. I am feeling like crying or hitting you in face..
fact – Oh, sorry. I thought a PJ was necessary to start the discussion about this 75 Cr PJ.

FACT - Small fact, it seems now you also want to disgorge your dissent adding to the already overflowing pool of abuses...
fact – No, if fact I would somehow want to defend Humshakals..

FACT – Have you also gone mad like them, don’t tell me you liked this nasty creation..
fact – Can’t even say I did not..

FACT – Oh God, What made you like this piece of..?
fact – The audience. I will share my experience of watching Humshakals in a small town of interior Maharashtra. In these times, in such towns, when people don’t go to theatres - this hall flaunted a good 60% occupancy - something that made me glad. While I watched it as a prejudiced pseudo-intellectual, the audience was going crazy laughing. One middle aged lady in a row behind us, who had come alone to watch this – was involved in some domestic dispute which we could make out from her calls. She continued with her telephonic quarrels when she stepped out and laughed her hearts out when she stepped in. The young crowd in the front row were rolling in their chairs and one even went berserk with laughter when lady Ram Kapur breaks the bed when thrown in it. Continuous whistling and laughter in the house on some silly jokes was baffling my sensibilities. They all got what they wanted. Some Nasha, some temporary relief from the humdrum - their reason for coming to Cinema halls. We may call them escapists but to give them that escape velocity could also be a kind of entertainment we may not agree with. They got relaxation after parting with a portion of their daily wages. I think that matters if business is also a responsibility of your creativity.

FACT – This review should be about you – whether you liked it or not, why talk about semi-urban masses?
fact – Democracy. They are the one who finally decide a film’s or a nation’s fate. And in our media they hardly get representation. Therefore at times box office success goes against critics’ assessment of films. So I thought of speaking on behalf of them, my individual opinion is irrelevant here.  

Personally though, I did not like many jokes, due to my sensibilities. How could you make fun by torturing a coma patient? But all that appeared inconsequential. There is this mad man who made this film and was trying to find humour in everything including certain things which are taboos in the world of cinema. That’s really something. And there is certain section of audience who applauded this. He made film for them, they liked it. Audience, film-maker razi toh kya karega critic? Unless the masses are educated not to like such stupid films, I will have to say hats off to Sajid Khan for time being, that he could sell off those half-baked cakes too!!

FACT – Half-baked cakes?
fact – Yes, Half Baked cakes – and the hungry audience gobbled them up. There are problems indeed. And in plenty. I was looking forward to something really big. And there was an opportunity. But my disappointment began early when I saw the central plot was about “Usurping some big fortune by using duplicates”. This plot has been done to death since Ram aur Shyam for all its seven lives. A character centric plot like Angoor could have kept the focus on duplicates deluged with confusion as against the plot of usurping wealth, which is unnecessary distraction at times. Nowadays usurping wealth is not so easy. Why doesn’t real Ashok stand up and tell everyone that he is the real son of the tycoon and they can check his DNA or anything for that matter. If an outsider doctor can put them in the asylum why can’t the doctors of the asylum discharge them as certified Ok. But fine, we won’t challenge your premise because you are making a nonsense comedy. I would still consider the Writing very much in order that within such unbelievable premise the Writers have fairly tried to answer lot of screenplay questions. But why not push the limits? We never have Ashok1 with Kumar2? How about Kumar2 loving Kumar1 girl, Ashok loving Kumar girl and some stupid kind of love triangle there! Why not have the third pair join them early to add to the chaos, rather than serving as a remedy. COME ON SAJID YOU ARE STILL NOT MAD ENOUGH to touch those legends you dedicate your film to. So it appears like a big comical creative opportunity short-changed.

What about character graphs? Lesson learning, message? There is a lot more if one has to discuss the Writing. But will leave it here to keep it concise. A 1000 worded - concise J   

But still, what goes in favour of Humshakals is that he tells us in advance “Humara Dimag Kharab Hai” and if we go to watch his film ignoring that it is our fault. Then second defence is he is making a mad comedy where logic does not hold much significance. Despite this, the writing is more detailed than some so called intellectual drama/thrillers.

FACT – And what about acting. Saif looks so bad as a girl.
fact – Why are we having right emotions at wrong place? Look at him for fun, even our Superstar looked same way when he was dressed up as a lady 30 years back. And why all of sudden looks become so important as soon as he becomes a woman? Where goes our sensibility to not judge a lady by looks! Also why do have problem with Nawab Saif becoming girl. He is an actor before all. That’s his profession. And should you want to see glamour look at those three pretty babes dressed in skirts.

FACT – But unfortunately they are mostly on the outskirts of the frames..
fact – Oh, that’s 100% valid complaint..  

   Sanjay Sharma


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