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R… Rajkumar:R..ridiculously G..gandi F..flim

What’s with roadside Romeos that fascinate Indian filmmakers so much? Prabhu Dheva’s ‘R... Rajkumar’ has not one but two Romeos in love with ‘khamosh’ Juliet. There is Shahid Kapoor, who calls himself ‘Romeo Rajkumar’ and calls the girl ‘Lollipop’. Reason enough for this love story to end before it begins. 

But Juliet aka Chanda (Sonakshi Sinha) has other concerns. “Teri height mujhse kam hai,” she tells him. “Wajan dekha hai?”, he shoots back promptly. Then comes the filmy declaration, “pyaar dil se hota hai, height, weight se nahin”. Naturally, a song follows- “Touch kar ke dil attach kiya re, kabhi chod diya dil, kabhi catch kiya re, saree ke fall sa kabhi match kiya re..” (lyricist Mayur Puri) Pritam’s music with whacko lyrics like these and the popular chartbuster rocking nightclubs these days, “Gandi baat” (lyricist, Anupam Amod), actually make these songs more enjoyable than even a minute in the rest of the film. 

Now that Mr. Shorty has wooed Miss Heavyweight, it’s time for the villain to enter. Only he happens to be a wannabe street Romeo. He is Shorty’s own drug mafia boss, (Sonu Sood), the ‘Dabangg’ man as he calls himself. Mr. Dabangg declares he will marry Ms. Heavyweight on Dusshera. Mr. Shorty flexes his tiny muscles, grabs the girl’s hand and challenges his boss, “silent ho ja warna main violent ho jaunga”. Not to be left behind, Mr. Dabangg lets go of the knives and guns and rises to the challenge like the Romeo he is. He decides to learn an English poem to woo the girl. The English teacher teaches him, “I am your bull, you are my shit... together we will make bullshit”. Predictably, the film continues to produce more of the bull yarn. 

Prabhu Dheva who is best remembered for choreographing the fabulous dance in Pukar’s “Que Sera Sera”, is now clearly settling for anything that is crass and crazy. After a 100 Crore success like ‘Rowdy Rathore’, it has been assumed that the story, character, lines and actions have to get rowdier with every film. “Pyaar pyaar” and “maar maar” as used by the hero here, are the new formula words. 

Shahid Kapoor, desperately tries to fit in the Akshay Kumar kind of silly action-humour hero mould but falls flat on all the valiant ‘violent’ one liners. 

Sonakshi ‘Khamosh’ Sinha apparently continues to ride on her dad’s popular one word, ‘khamosh’ fame, used in the film in the most hackneyed manner. She does little to add any weight to the jokes or the romance. 

If the film’s only saving grace can be song with lyrics like “Gandi baat” and its music, you can well imagine, how bad the film is. So bad that even 2 same alphabets in the title cannot help.

   Gayatri Gauri

Gayatri Gauri a former journalist and film writer, has trained in scriptwriting with a writer from Los Angeles, and occasionally conduct writing workshops. Her first directed short film made her a finalist on "Gateway to Hollywood", a reality show on direction on Sony Pix. Her work details and contact is on her blog . http://gayatrigauri.blogspot.in

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