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Running Shaadi:Running Away From The Plot

On the path of Imtiaz Ali and Anand Rai, the writers finally making their debut with this RomCom (Less Com, Hardly Rom) Running Shaadi dot com (dot com bolna mana hai), seem to be determined to do justice with this hugely mistreated genre. With determination, comes right intention, but not necessarily a good outcome.

Whoever came up with this idea of two guys starting a website which helps couple in running away from their home to get married with the person they desire, must have a khurafaati mind. But the film is not just an idea, although it is born out of that. Recently, the film got into a controversy where a matrimonial website filed a case against the makers to remove the “dot com” from the title giving a lame reason of being impacted negatively in the market. Ironically, while this last-minute change has spoiled the smooth viewing experience of the first half because of bleeping out each time a character takes the website’s name, it worked for the story. To make it clear, the film is not about the website or anything related to that. It is actually a love story of a couple running away to get married and hence, running shaadi (no dot com). So, the matrimonial website actually benefitted the film by giving it an apt title.

It’s a story of an Amritsar guy Ram Bharose (Amit Sadh) not-so-secretly in love with Nimmi (Tapsee Pannu), his boss’s daughter. Nimmi is a bold character who does whatever she feels like, while Ram Bharose is an overthinker. He is too resistant to reveal his emotions. He is even doubtful of the chemistry he shares with Nimmi. To be precise, he self-doubts his potential as a lover. Nimmi, on the other hand, is clear about marrying him. The characters are well written. Even the supporting characters do enough to leave a mark. Cyberjeet is an archetype of hero ka friend but still maintains his uniqueness. Other minor characters like Ram Bharose’s uncle (Bijendra Kala), the brother of the girl Ram Bharose was about to marry, and even Nimmi's brother who has little screen space; are all very well portrayed. Both the writers have got the psyche of most of the Punjabis and Biharis. Things like their accent, tone, gestures, lifestyle and the vocabulary are all aptly crafted in the script and well supported by the comic timing. The humor, mostly, comes from the minor characters and not from the situations the major characters are stuck in.

When it comes to performances, the film does really well. Lead actors have completely justified their characters. Even in writing, the film works to a certain extent because of the dialogue and the excellent usage of slangs. The film primarily fails in the screenplay which is, at times flawed and at times misleading. Characters in burqa spying is such a déjà vu situation. Even the whole sequence in Bihar has so much of Jab We Met and Tanu Weds Manu Returns feel. The ending (in fact, the last scene) is terrible, almost cartoonish.

Amit Roy, primarily a cinematographer, has clearly used his camera skills in his directorial debut. Having been Ram Gopal Varma’s cinematographer for a long time, Roy's visual treatment of this RomCom is quite unusual. The camera angles in many sequences are not pro-RomCom, which benefits the film in terms of novelty. Songs are really good but do not impact as much in the film as in the album.

In characterizations, Running Shaadi scores excellently. In treatment of the plot, it fails. 

   Prakhar Khare

Prakhar is film and music reviewer and a film student at Whistling Woods International..

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