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A Review – By RAJNNI

Te3N, a.ka Three, the new suspense thriller from the makers of the previous best-seller 'Kahaani'. This one features three powerful performers - Amitabh Bachchan, Nawazuddin Siddique and Vidya Balan and add to this the three cornerstones of a successful movie: Story, Direction and Music and you are sure to have a winning combination ....so what happened here ? Looks like Te3N somehow slipped through the cracks and landed upside down…..churning up a slow paced lack-lustre directorial effort, movie per se struggling to make an impact. Lyrics help, lending a helping hand and Clinton Cerejo's music aiding the visuals with song Kyun Re (Why) quite emotional.

But now I have Te3N questions of my own that beg for answers from its makers Sujoy Ghosh and Ribhu Dasgupta: Why? Why? Why?

Why such a bland role-play devoid of establishing meaningful characters, when you had three of the strongest actors to work with?

Why such a half-hearted weak screenplay when you had a brilliant suspense thriller of a story to tell?

Why such a disjointed narrative stacked with untimely flashbacks when you could have edited and cut this so sharply?

The viewer is deprived of a stimulating, engaging suspenseful journey so tantalising promised in the promos!

It is very disappointing to see no effort taken by the Director in working with Dialouge, Monologue or even Innuendoes…Wasting such a golden opportunity of having Amitabh, Nawazuddin and Vidya in a movie together and not one, not one scene which creates an impact…Body language is jerky, almost apathetic in demeanour. One gets a sense as if all of Kolkata is enveloped in this shroud of apathy, cobwebs covering the senses and an action packed story dying a slow death underneath its sheath.

However, not all is lost..A glimmer of hope is still alive…Rising tall through this shroud is Amitabh Bachchan, coming to the rescue of this dying tale, breathing some life into its central character John, a doting grandfather scarred by the kidnapping of his little girl, refusing to give up his quest for justice, even as the world has given up. Amitabh shows us, ever so graciously, how an actor can rise above the story, direction, and live the role…he goes about his business deliberately, persevering with his purpose, letting his affectionate gaze escape his eyes once in a while. Nawazuddin tries to impress but can’t, though no fault of his, as he was barely given any room to express, walking in and out of scenes looking lost. Less said about Vidya the better as she walks about with a perpetual confused frown, refusing to bond with her role.

The background score picks up the latter half of the movie trying to build some speed, some movement but by then it is too late…Te3N is left standing on one leg, limping to its end 😞

From Members' Contribution by: Rajnni Lalsingaani
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