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A few days ago a miracle happened in TV. All of a sudden we came to know that for the next two months TRPs, i.e. Television Ratings would cease to exist. For TV, this was as if we were to know that corruption has suddenly got eradicated from our country. The dagger of TRPs is always hung over channels. Channels pass it on to the producer’s head. And when the producer feels the heat he brings the director, the writer and everybody else under the blade. As a result the poor writers, feeling pressurized by the TRPs, invent twists and turns which either and up killing the hero, or bringing him back to life, or making a beggar out of a millionaire, or turning hero into a villain, or pushing the story 20 years ahead or the opposite. May be for the next two months we won’t see this buffoonery. I hope that the writers would now have the freedom of writing with their hearts. But whether it would actually happen, and for how long, these are questions only Madam TRP can answer. However, for the coming two months, channels would be on a balle-balle mode. At least for two months no one will write about who rules the TV, Amitabh Bachchan or Salman Khan. Aanandi, Sandhya and Akshara all are heaving a sigh of relief. Sometimes I wonder just how these TRPs could become so much important in our lives. Even earlier there were serials which got popular and which were liked unanimously. Back then, we didn’t see shows losing their souls and getting murdered by the fear of TRPs. Anyways, whatever shall happen, will. 

‘Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah’ is also doing a proud balle-balle since the day it started. The actors of this show are no less than comic characters and their acting is also very loud. But it has an audience who like it without any complaints. Its success lies in its simplicity and its writing. The common viewer likes the tickling lines rendered in a simple and natural language to present everyday’s common problems. They see their own reflections in the faces of the residents of Gokuldham Society. It’s not easy to write comedy every day yet Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah is doing this very successfully. The writing team (Raju Odedra and Rajan Upadhyay) of this show deserves to be congratulated. But they have a great inspiration in Taarak Mehta himself. 

There is one more corner which is buzzing with a loud cheer of balle-balle. It’s the Big Boss’s house. Big Boss has now changed. Or say, they had to. In the fifth season, the last one, Big Boss had crossed all the limits. It was obscene and also shameless. It also got a scolding from the government which pushed it to the 11 pm slot. Even the audience had rejected it. As a result, we now have the family version of Big Boss. It means the show has now acquired a state in which it can be viewed by the entire family sitting together and it’s likely that nobody will feel embarrassed. Salman is better than the last time. He has learnt to deliver his lines and where he can’t pull it off; he handles the situation by laughing and giggling. There is not much hustle even inside the house. Siddhu is in a Gyaani Baba (knowledgeable man) avatar and that is why he tries to make peace among different parties. Though more than a half of the members are unfamiliar, it seems they have been instructed not to utter wrong, hear wrong and see wrong. But how long the show, which had an image of noise and uproar until now, will be able to walk the middle road, is something to be looked out for. The lion has turned vegetarian. Let’s see how much does the viewer like this new version of Big Boss. But I will have to compliment Syed Riyaz for writing the voice-overs where he packs in the gist of life and other things in mere 2-4 lines. 

But it’s the audience who is doing the real balle-balle. The whole universe has shrunk to fit into the tube. God’s like Mahadev and Rama have taken avatars on the small screen. Film stars are also on the mercy of the audience and are busy in trying to catch their attention. Only the ones with mighty pens will be able to get hold of the viewer. The ones, who will write better, will be able to stand out. 

   R.D. Tailang

(R D Tailang is a TV & Film writer, most famous for writing Non-Fiction shows like KBC and Movers & Shakers. He hails from Madhya Pradesh and has tried his hand at being a cartoonist and journalist before turning to writing.).

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