Tere Bin Laden, Dead or Alive
Bin there, D2D that!

Abhishek Sharma
Writer - Director

Pradhuman Singh
Writer - Actor

Movie Review
Tere Bin Laden Dead or Alive!:Bin There; Done that!

Tere Bin Laden Dead or Alive

Bin There; Done That! indecision

Team of 2011 successful satire Tere Bin Laden, finally manage to hit the screens with their second salvo TBL Dead or Alive. 

With satire, it’s already difficult for Writers to pull off something out of the World. Whether one tires absurdity, hyperbole, irony, mad-cap, farce, etc. almost everything has been done earlier. You are already walking the tight rope. surprise

On top of that making a sequel, that too with same situation, same character? The rope becomes further tighter, thinner, restricting one’s creativity. surpriseindecision

Then the TBL team further corner themselves into using Bollywood backdrop - film making within the film; a hackneyed subject; whose jargonized jokes only privileged few can understand, half of whom are or have become critics. wink

Satire is already alienation and a genre for niche audience, and when you further take it into specialized territory, you isolate yourself more from the common audience. surpriseindecisionfrown  

So as Writers we can empathize with the position ‘TBL D/A’ Writers would be into. The Opportunity here comes with restrictions and within that even if you do your best, chances of freshness are limited. But unfortunately one wonders if this was their best delivery..

That’s what becomes of TBL D/A. It eventually becomes an Encore of a Joke which unfortunately does not evoke same laughter second time. In the times of whatsapp anyway finding fresh jokes is tough, so a fresh take/treatment on old subjects become mandatory, which the film misses by a mile.

TBL thus proves to be a missile weighed down by pre-conditions getting misfired or worse boomeranging.  sad

So you have to make an Osama Bin Laden film, when the original Osama is dead, what do you do? In the film, this fake Osama comes in the notice of a Mujahidin Outfit headed by Khalili (Piyush Mishra) who wants to abduct this dummy and use him to threaten the US, saying Osama is still alive.smiley

The US on the otherhand wants to kill this Osama and use the dead-body footage as the proof of his death. CIA Agent David C (for Sec of State; David Cameroon) played by Sikander Kher is assigned this mission. laugh

The three way tug of war forms the rest of the film, which mainly gets into people running around. Barring the sequence of Film Shooting, where the CIA wants to record the killing of Osama, rest of the film fails to amuse. At places it appears actors' improvisations go beyond the script's control or if the script itself was missing.crying

The entire set-up or ACT I, purely to establish the first part of TBL for the uninitiateds, becomes jarring with a hamming Ali Zafar (clichéd character of a Snob Film SuperStar) and deliberately caricatured Shetty Sisters.  indecision

Unlike Part 1 where the Protagonists are taking initiatives and moving ahead, here both the Protagonists wait at home for people to come to them or abduct them to start the action. sad

The ACT II is mostly the tug of war which becomes a merry go round, meaning there is only motion but no movement.

Most actions are irrelevant / redundant to the story, a few characters are superfluous, lot of scenes are incoherent – a few making no sense or even no non-sense at all, some situations are forcibly fit, and the climax is a big disappointment. angry

Climax, that brings us to the ACT III. The Problem posed appears no problem at all but just some communication gap. Basing a whole film on communication gap, makes the conflict weak or even pseudo.

As is the conflict so is the solution. Therefore the resolution, the climax brings is also highly disappointing.
One feels why wasn’t that discussed/considered earlier?

We have had many satire films in last few years, one thing we fail to see, that there are ideas but the ideas aren’t pushed to their boundaries.

Also what I noticed at many places; were the jumps in edits. Most of the jokes seem to have got lost in these jump cuts.
Eg. We see American President is presented with pictures of different parts of Osama’s body as proof of his death. The madness here would have been, the task force exploding Osama in an operation and then clicking pictures of his disintegrated body parts to submit the evidence of his death. But the way it has been shown I am sure, nobody would have got the joke.

There are some genuine, extreme satirical movements to be treasured, like DavidC cutting cheque in favour of a Mujahidin Outfit in a 'tripartiate' settlement, Obama himself killing Osama, A suicide bomber jacket as trophy, No beard No Mujahidin, etc. yes

Had the filmmaker focused more on such nonsensical instances and less of slapstick running around, probably they could have hit it right the second time too.  indecision

Unfortunately that doesn’t happen and our hopes of revival of a Star-proof Genre, Satire; are belied. crying


   Sanjay Sharma

Critic who loves to appreciate.

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