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For a large part of the second half, all characters in the film are involved directly/indirectly with Bell Pepper Farming. Their flip-flop farming escapades, play a vital role in addressing the subject of the film, character transformations, other things in between and also the final resolution.

I am mentioning this because I find ‘Bell Pepper’ is also the metaphor that represents this film.

A beautiful actress as a key/title character, the locales, cinematography, post production, costumes, everything that comes in the frame is colourful / beautiful. All just like the Bell Peppers.

The concept is fresh. TV and Film writers are working on the similar subject of a society without girls, given the Siren Bell screaming every moment of the declining sex ratio. Personal congratulations to Poshter Girl team for pre-empting others in coming up with a celluloid story on the subject. Fresh from farms..just like Bell Peppers. yes
The experience is fulsome. Literally too. The film runs for more than 140 min. The first act is flowering, full with fun events, albeit with creative liberties, the second act attempts growth of plot/characters; while the third act resolution is like pesticide sprinkled for protection and a nice harvesting farewell. The experience is fulsome, full blown, ‘Tavtavit’ in Marathi. Again just like Bell Peppers. smiley

The story is about a village where there are no girls, mostly due to female infanticide, and similar social evils. So when Rupali (Sonali) checks-in, all eligible bachelors from well-off families go nuts after her, leading to them showering goodies on her local host uncle (Hrishikesh Joshi). Rupa and her uncle Kishnya then decide to use this to the best of their advantage. This is done by keeping the boys busy with one thing or another to impress her during which she and the writers plan what next. And eventually, around second half, the real problem surfaces, that villagers are distancing themselves from their root culture i.e. Agriculture. A bad trend must be reversed immediately. A good analogy is drawn between soil and woman – deserting them is a harakiri. yes (Though I don't remember if this point was made so obvious, but yes the audience will get the message).

All works well with the film till first half after which the experience becomes repetitive and drags later on towards the climax. So again like Bell Peppers, the fulsome rounded fruit when cut open is hollow within. The film’s length outdoes it entertainment juice.no

The plot begins to meander aimlessly when Rupa keeps the village bachelors engaged with similar things repeatedly.  She doesn’t intend to marry any of them but still uncle keeps the gifts and fools around with the guys.
Initially, Rupa has no agenda but to amuse herself with the guys. Though this generates some genuine comedy plotwise it gets stuck. Later on, she wants to restore her village to its farming glory, but such a sensible issue disappears in thin air, due to again a lot of issues the film tries to address using lot of same-same events.

On the bachelors' end, there are tension points but never does the film try to build on any of them. Tensions come and go.
The problem of MegaCity seeded in the first act gets resolved without much resistance or difficulty. The land grabber village head returns the land in exchange for Rupali considering him as one of the grooms in the fray. He doesn’t even ask for exclusive promise, forget demanding an engagement. So Easy..indecision

In fact, in the end, all fathers give consent for polyandry too... but when you wait for the drama to explode it doesn’t become spicy but remains bland, just like seedless Bell Peppers.

Problems either disappear or get resolved on their own, conveniently. How farming experience transforms all the characters isn’t convincing enough, especially their infatuation for Rupali.

The entire action scene, done very badly; has seed-in, seed-out whodunit, message, issue etc. It is a needless subplot adding to running time; probably just to give a fight scene to the Star actress. frown

Nevertheless, performances and the comedy keep the film out of boredom zone. Had those extra 20-25 min not been there, the repetitions chopped off, the film could have been much more entertaining. enlightened

By all means, having this Bell-Pepper Salad on the weekend should be a healthy food for thought. 
Bon Appetite. cheeky

I don’t believe in giving stars, but here I am giving Four Bell Peppers to this film.smiley



   Sanjay Sharma

Critic who loves to appreciate.

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