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Hate Story 3:Killing Business



Spoiler Warning – Portion of this Review has Spoilers, which is mentioned separately.

FACT – Guess what’s for lunch today?

fact – Well, I suppose sizzlers? cheeky

FACT – Wow right but..surprise

fact – And I can also tell the combo, even the favour and..smiley

FACT – You can’t. This is my secret recipe. surprise

fact – Ok, looking at the scene in your kitchen anybody can guess, isn’t it chicken sizzlers with spaghetti in red hot salsa sauce and probably with very little of dressings? wink

FACT – Forget, it’s not for you. My folks will find it a surprise exotic sizzler. It's better than previous ones – bigger and hotter; actual leg pieces, breast pieces.. laugh

fact – Sure. Hopefully, people will enjoy your fulsome dish and the hints and twists. It’s sure bigger than earlier sizzlers, but I will be happier if we come up with some fresh recipe. 

FACT – We have to deliver before the Heat of Hate cools down, so within that little time we do whatever our best.

fact – Indeed we need to keep delivering. And when delivery matters freshness can take the backseat. Neither do we have enough time to cook it properly. But sizzlers mein like chalta hai, half cooked, half tossed. Anything. So let’s serve, as long as it’s hot.

Aditya Deewan (Sharman) and wife Siya (Zarine) are managing the Deewan business empire very successfully. The reins of the business fell into the hands of Aditya after his brother Vikram died in a mid-air explosion some five years back. Story takes a turn when suddenly one day another tycoon Saurabh Singhania (Karan) arrives in town and makes an indecent proposal. When Aditya denies it, both vow to finish each other and the ‘game’ begins.

The Film from here aims to be a thriller drama based on mind games. But all this comes as a bit simplistic and convenient. So though you get the moments, there is no deeper connect. Everything remains superficial and also predictable, predictable makes it worse.  no

So in the end the film does it job of taking you through the time you paid for; with titillating not aesthetic, intimate scenes if that was the deal, and closes it with some twists to surprise you, had you not guessed them already.

Screenplay-wise, since this is a plot oriented thriller drama, we will focus our discussion on the plot only. There is not much to do with characterization / graph, etc.

Beyond this point Spoiler Warning applies. enlightened

The main issue with the narrative is who do you empathize with? As the events unfold you see a stranger intruding into lives of a peacefully married loving couple and making an indecent proposal. When refused he goes on sabotaging their business and life. The script doesn’t want you to know the couple’s backstory, assuming that how do you connect with the story when you find a wrong guy winning the all the way throwing the good people on the back-foot. Good, a sizeable section of the audience would know there must be some hanky-panky (also thanks to the promos), so they enjoy the game. But if you already smell that fish then the fun of suspense dilutes.

Another issue is the foundation of the story i.e. the set-up and the approach the Protagonist takes to avenge the wrong done. Vikram was killed by Aditya because Vikram’s presence always meant No.2 position for Aditya. But Vikram survived. Actually all what Vikram sees is the mischief of Siya and he still doesn’t know if Aditya was involved. But even if we believe in his mathematics, the retaliatory action taken by Vikram looks bit far-fetched. When he survived the assault, he can simply come and implicate them and he gets the same result as what he would get framing them for killing Kaaya, rather better – here he could even implicate them for forging his death documents. Ok, he wanted to go the longer way then the plot of asking for night date with Siya isn’t convincing as discussed later. Coming back to Vikram’s death - If he survived why there was the need for signing papers, he anyway was the main inheritor of the business empire.   

Another issue is the kind of corporate thriller Bollywood makes - We have cronies of tycoons who “Look after the entire Business” for them. This ‘looking after the business’ actually means no Business Management, but the management of deadbodies produced by the tycoons.

Our corporate thrillers basically happen outside the corporate set-up; mainly into the criminal world with killing, kidnapping, etc. Here the climax happens in an under construction building. Imagine the Chairman of a business empire is acquitted from a murder charge after days in lock-up and his secretary takes him to show this site instead of taking him home. Because the director wanted to shoot a shoot-out here. A climax shoot-out where Industrialists cake-walk through a killing spree like Pros

Besides these major issue, there are minor flaws or conveniences like..enlightened

•    One murder sees strict legal action when all the evidence are circumstantial while several murders in series don’t get any legal cognizance at all. A murder with a body found on outskirts attracts PCR without anticipatory bail for a tycoon, and then the double murder of a tycoon couple in a building inside the town goes unnoticed even when the killer is badly injured with murder weapon on him. surprise

•    There is no solid reason behind the indecent proposal. What if they had accepted it? Saurabh at one point tells he wanted Siya to realize who he is, by seeing his tattoo on shoulder/back. To show that he calls her to spend a night with him. This tattoo he could have shown her by taking a dip in the swimming pool. Why was bedroom date needed for that? In fact, he also voices that he never wanted to spend a minute with her, and then this night stand just to show tattoo? Unbelievable, unless the Tattoo was somewhere else on his body in the script and on censor’s demand got shifted it to the shoulder. laugh

•    The Ethos of HS scripts doesn't carry the burden of ethics. So people are used and bumped off when the job is done. Imagine a man has come to avenge some innocent death, does it by killing more innocents. indecision

•    Why was Siya two-timing with the two real brothers? Was she a plant? And if Aditya did use her as a trap why was he so fussy towards the indecent proposal? surprise

•    Who was leaking confidential information from Aditya’s office to Saurabh? sad

•    When it comes to sleeping with the enemy, Kaaya (Daisy) is cool, she does that for small info; but the same sleeping when it comes to Siya – it becomes Hate Story 3. broken heart

•    Aditya gets furious whenever the question of indecent proposal pops up, but finally when she’s been there done that, he asks no questions. sad

•    Saurabh kills his enemies in Mumbai and opens his eyes in far-away place somewhere Vikram is recuperating. surprise

FACT – Ok. That’s enough for time being..

fact – Sorry. I know paying attention to finer details of scriptwriting is not very crucial. Given the generous nature of our audience, they don’t mind such flaws even in bulk. yes

FACT – Anything good..?

fact – Unlike the second part, the hotness here is not of the heat (read angst) but the masala and meat. Sharman is acting, perhaps trying to bring out his variations, but he looks misfit (an odd man out) vis-à-vis others. People who labeled the earlier editions as B Grade may now call this an A Grade due to the Stars and Production. Scriptwise those were better. Music is enjoyable. yes It's Music to your ears besides being Music for your eyes..wink

FACT – What’s the final call..?

fact – I love to hate this question. angel                  

   Sanjay Sharma

Critic who loves to appreciate.

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