Angry Indian Goddesses
Seek the Blessings

Pan Nalin
Writer - Director

Subhadra Mahajan

Movie Review
Angry Indian Goddesses:Bless You!

Bless You!yes

Writers – Pan Nalin, Subhadra Mahajan, Dilip Shankar, Arsala Qureishi

Nominated for People’s Choice Award @Toronto 2015 yes

Critically acclaimed Angry Indian Goddess was a showcase film at MAMI 2015, where it received mixed audience reviews.

The Film as such is a decent attempt at the narrative expression of common issues women face in the men dominated society. But the reason for a bit of dissatisfaction could be that we expect a lot from films those get high recognition at International Festivals. In light of that, the Writing isn’t outstanding especially w.r.t. The set-up, build-up and characterization. But the same begins to fall in place and takes off around the midpoint. The tying up, character graphs and resolution are perfect and frankly much worth of your time and money. When we say, a film must touch you and transform you a little bit, if not more, I would say AIG manages to make its point - let the ladies have their things their way. The narrative succeeds in convincing you the arguments the film makes - women really find the world making life unnecessarily tough for them. To say it verbatim as said in the film “A Woman plays so many roles but herself”. The story justifies ethically when they lose their cool and take the law in their hands. You may recall Ghayal but the Lajja way if we were to talk it in Bollywood language though it’s not Bollywood by any chance. yes

But as mentioned above the weak areas of the film i.e. the first Act where the characters are set-up in their world is not very innovative. All ladies have difficult times in the male world and it is getting on their nerves. The situations shown here are common and just become a formality, nothing beyond. Then there is a call from a friend for her wedding and all of them gather in Goa for the celebrations. However who is the groom is kind of a secret (You may guess it but a good twist if you can ignore the mathematics). no

Then the characterization where individually each of them has some issue due to being a woman and the way they try to break free etc. all this has also been done a lot and discussed a lot-lot more. These parts of the film drag and make you restless. But probably Pan Nalin had to do that as the compulsory course of the narrative.

The strong areas then not only pull you through but take you along. The way the seed-in, seed-out happens, inter-character conflicts resolve and the twist (PP2) that triggers the third act followed by some really out of the world climax (church scene) justify the film’s recognition internationally. yes

Obviously such films won’t be lucky enough to have high Production values etc. but within that it is a remarkable attempt w.r.t. acting, direction and music. Special mention of the Music, within that special mention of Konkani songs.      

Overall you can have darshan of these Angry Indian Goddesses and I am sure you will come out somewhat blessed.   

P.S. – Thinking it to be a women-centric film I wanted a lady member to do this review. But after watching the film esp the second half, now I feel the Goddesses gave me a Blessing in Disguise. smiley


   Sanjay Sharma

Critic who loves to appreciate.

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