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Another Take
Tamasha:Different from Life

Different From Life frown

FACT – Let’s make something different. smiley
fact – What? surprise

FACT- Different. Why even name it? laugh
fact – Sure..we can name afterwards depending on what it becomes..devil
FACT – Eat. How’s it?
fact- Do you remember Javed Jafari, Maggi Hot and Sweet Tomato Ketchup.. It’s different. laugh

FACT – This is not Ketchup idiot, it’s different hum. angry
fact – But people have the habit of at least classifying the cuisine, even fusion. At least the taste. surprise

FACT – Koi kahe Meetha, Koi Kahe Namkin, Krackjack ke Swaad Mein Kho Jaye Sab Lekin. smiley
fact – Conratulations Sir, log apki recipe pasand kar rahe hai. Par mein apne Writing ke baggage ki wajah se mafi chahuga.. Though it is the story of a storyteller, I cannot even connect with the Protagonist. You call it different but we have ended up making the same thing, another kitchen or our own house cooked ages before.. Was that the idea?

Ved, our hero, has been a lover of storytelling and as a kid blows up his pocket money on listening stories. Good God, someone paying for listening stories. smiley 
Writers' dream coming true. Hope the Shimla culture percolates to Bollywood. cheeky
Here we are paying to pitch our stories.. crying

So Ved’s Pop is another SAME father our Films have served us, like from ages and recently in 3 Idiots. He wants his son to you know, do Engineering, then MBA and all the stuff that follows. But sonny dear doesn’t like that and instead loves stories.
BUT STILL HE DOES NOT KNOW, WHAT is his CALLING. He gets into the World’s Rat Race and is one of the RATS.

But when this guy goes on a vacation in Corsica, France, he’s his inner being. He’s COOL. Though a book reader, myth lover, for us the audience's sake, he does clichéd Devanand mimicry from Films. (That kind of Story-Teller). In the Film we never see this so called Storyteller narrating any great story lest with exceptional talent. But we still buy that he is a born storyteller because the Filmmaker tells us, and frankly you buy all that with the ticket. crying  

He meets the girl TARA who loves him for this AVATAR and though they vow not to see each other post vacations, she’s gone crazy for him and hunts him finally in Delhi after four years. BUT what’s this? He’s different from the AVATAR she met in Corsica. He is like the usual office-goer in the Corporate World. He’s so much of it like 100% Product Manager, that he can’t be himself (Storyteller) which TARA thinks he is and he’s angry that she thinks that way and doesn’t love him in his office goer form.

This conflict sounds pseudo and I found it difficult to identify with the Protagonist. I have never met a man / woman who can be so cast into a mould that s/he’s such rigid. Come on, we all have same office life, but the moment office hours are done with, we throw that tie and briefcase and probably chill out with friends, girlfriend or kids..depending upon the status or liking. Some people are round the clock under work pressure, but Ved is not like that. He gets his evenings free but prefers to remain the Executive Type even then. Frankly this difference may be fresh the trait but isn't identifiable.

When he lived a COOL GUY life during vacations, why can’t he become same after office? When boss or work is not around and you get your evenings free why can’t you come back to yourself? Everyone, almost everyone has a hobby. This Hobby doesn’t feed but regenerates you. So we do what pays for longer part of our day but once that is done, we are out of it. That is same story, but that is organic. Ved, remaining same stiff-faced, boring guy even when there is no need looks highly contrived and a cardboard character who has been sketched so as to fit into the story. And you also see him chilling out with his friends in the party and with an auto driver too. Often. Then why not with the poor rich girl? Why he has to be dry and torture her is beyond my understanding. She wanted the same thing. They share an intimate relationship, so how can someone be so robotic with the person so close to him? Does she want him storyteller 24X7? No, she doesn't say/show that and why would she because she has her own corporate life too. This brings it down to question the Premise. What will be the Premise here?

Even in the Corporate World, the HR guys are trained to understand the recreational needs of their men. There are chill out times; you get paid vacations and all that. Then higher managerial personnel are also trained to deal with various aspects of their personality. A concept called ‘WATERTIGHT COMPARTMENT’ in Management Terminology. People are encouraged to show their talents during Annual Days, or Farewell Parties or such events.

Which School in today’s times, doesn’t have such events? Cultural Days, Sports Days have always been there. SO nobody stops you from pursuing your hobby. But since nobody even pays for that, we need to pamper the egos of Vivek Mushran type bosses and that's LIFE.
Maybe same, but WHEN you make it so DIFFERENT then it looks not LIFE but FILM.

The moment this happens, as an audience (or probably Writer) I was detached from the PROTAGONIST. And all his pain appeared sham to me. He appeared an idiot who knows what he likes since childhood, but he ill-treats the girl when she voices it. 7am-9pm - you be an Executive, but after that be yourself. Why it is so difficult for him to be himself? Premise?

Besides this, the story appears repetitive and dragging. Scenes of his routine have been shown so many times that I lost the count. sad

The start is promising, Story of a Storyteller, but in the wake of being different what we get is just the same stuff – Guy meets Girl, they decide not to meet again, but predictably fall in love and then there is a clash, here due to his stupid 2D Personality.

Finally the girl TARA. One can’t believe she takes so much shit from him but still hangs on, goes down trying to convince him and is available at his ‘Beck-and-Call’ – when she’s a CEO in the making. OK, one can understand love is blind.. but she doesn’t understand her love is an idiot? That makes it all look scripted..

FACT – Would you like some more of TAMASHA?
fact – No Boss enough, I am already so much jumbled that TAMASHA is appearing SHAMATA to me.. . cheeky
(Shamata in Hyderabadi Urdu means 'Troubles' - plural).

   Sanjay Sharma

Critic who loves to appreciate.

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