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Shinma:Wasted Resources


Wasted Waters

One thing that many Filmmakers feel great in executing is a Film about Filmmaking. Frankly this is a territory that only fraction of the audience know so when there are jargons like call time, the camera didn’t roll, etc. the regional audience finds it more compelling to sleep by slipping in their shabby seats. Unfortunately most regional cinemas get halls like that. First I tried a better theatre but the show got cancelled there because I was the only audience.

Ok, coming back to film about making a film. Novice filmmakers frequently foray into this territory because they haven’t seen life much beyond this. After a point watching this becomes unbearable just like watching shooting.

Shinma is a film, where a Filmmaker goes to a village where there is no water, to shoot Marathi remake of Sholay. Why choose such village where there’s no water? No answer. And why again Sholay man, there have been umpteen jokes & caricaturing already. But then you a ready audience for this. That’s the price Sholay will keep paying for its popularity.

Ok, so the so-called shooting keeps hitting blocks one after another and we are supposed to laugh at it. But the makers aren’t aware of the concepts of comedy because all the gags are built around characters that have sad backstories. So they fail to work because you have sympathies with their failures and can’t laugh. If not this, the jokes mostly look forced. No hard feels that the multiplex cancelled the show.   

The shooting is always intercepting with the draught issues and a few villagers force them to shoot their water miseries too. Now when this could have come as a character graph for the lead characters, but here also the Writers bungle it by showing it as something done as compulsion and not compassion for the village, unwillingly. So whatever bleak chance of empathizing with the lead characters was there, disappears like the water in the village.

But finally when everything fails, these draught footages rescue them and how..they get the OSCAR directly. I am revealing the twist to help you save water of your eyes.

Finally, the film ends like a Whatsapp message giving us the statistics of water scarcity and why water must be saved. Good, but a small clip would show that brilliantly, why to pour water on Sholay and waste money.

One wonders all the while watching this film, as what could have happened for the project to go this bad? I am sure people with passion make Shinemas. Milind has been involved with some good rural comedy films in Marathi before this.

I have watched a lot of films in Jatra, which are better than this. I wish like showing one film on saving money (say Mehmood's Sabse Bada Rupaiya) to the Filmmakers because money is equally precious like water.    

   Sanjay Sharma

Critic who loves to appreciate.

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