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Prem Ratan Dhan Payo:Diwali Sweets Spoon Fed

Prem Ratan Dhan Payo

50% Mark

Spoiler Warning – Sweets are made of milk to be consumed within a week else may get spoiled.

FACT – Making Basundi (Sweet) for Deepawali.  cheeky
fact – Welcome to Rajashree Mishtann Bhandar. Do we have the recipe Sir? surprise

FACT – Shut up. Basundi is an age old thing, it must be made as per the Reet-Rivaaz (tradition), traditional recipe has been around since centuries.    
fact – 1872 to be precise. And RMB has its recipe with fixed measures of everything; no deviations even a degree. Can I taste? Oh, it’s too sweet..

FACT – No. Not enough yet. We can add some more sugar..   laugh 
fact – OMG. Pl don’t. OH NO! You added more sugar! It was already super sweeeet. It will kill natural taste of other ingredients.  surprise

FACT – Who cares for the real taste? We know our customers. Now taste it, and let me spoon feed you..    
fact – Welcome to Rajashree Mishtann Bhandar. Once again. surprise

FACT – RMB. Sweetie Sweeets Spoon Fed.    
fact – That’s enough. I am fed up.

Prem Ratan Dhan Payo is an experience of eating a thali where every item is sweet. So you may imagine it becoming a very unique RMB experience. Ordeal as some may find.

FACT – Some may even enjoy it.  smiley  
fact – Again like sweets, unaware of long term harms. Eating Sweets may be injurious to health. devil

Taking a Writer’s PoV on the Film -

The germs of the story can be found in Mark Twain’s “The Prince and the Pauper” where the Prince trades places with Pauper and the poor guy gets to experience the lux life and the palace boy faces the reality of a destitute life.

There has already been a film adapted from this story titled "Raja Aur Runk (1968)" , which is very close to Mark Twain's Story.

But Prem Ratan Dhan Payo takes only the sweeter 50% part of Mark’s full rounded tale, because the reality or harshness of life/society can’t be within the scope of this screenplay.

So the focus is the Royal family where there are interpersonal issues between siblings mostly externalized as property and authority disputes.

Prince becomes victim of a conspiracy and his confidante Diwan finds a replacement, who not only becomes a body double but also gets all shots OK in the first take.

How interesting these transformations of relations are could be an individual’s own assessment. Broadly they are too simplistic and convenient. You don’t feel like WOW he has done some marvellous job.

A Lot and A HUGE LOT of things are spoken.
On-Your-Face-Expositions flood the screen. Most events, characters’ traits, reasoning, etc. are mentioned/narrated as dialogue. At places this becomes really jarring. Film of this scale and such exposition, good God.

Crucial whys have been skipped. At many places one keeps wondering why not this or that? How come this or that?

When Prem (Pauper Salman) replaces Vijay (Prince Salman) the antagonist forces know immediately that he is an imposter. But still they sit back relaxed and keep watching the show. Dummy Vijay's Coronation happens, he also awards the Palace to his sister but antagonist forces do nothing but just watch and even participate reluctantly. Why don’t they expose him or try him or make things difficult for him or at least investigate him, are the questions the Script doesn't bother.

The Screenplay deals with one problem at a time, like a mathematical equation. Let’s first solve the equation for X assuming Y as a constant, kind of approach.

So when problem with sisters is at hand, brother’s on back burner on low flame. When sisters are settled; brother fires a salvo. surprise

Sweetness galore, dumps all bad files in recycle bin called Arman Kohli and deletes the recycle bin (that too by accident) and then sweetness percolates everywhere and the film comes to the end as in Prince and Pauper, not easy or early.           

FACT – Frankly, I don’t know what’s the significance of Writer’s PoV when commerce is Film’s favour. There must be something good about it.
fact – Sure. It’s Salman’s film. Then Rajashree Productions. Ultra High Marketing Budget. Diwali Vacations. People have a lot of free time.. and when even 0.01% of our population decides to watch a film it will be a blockbuster.

Nevertheless, the canvas of the film is large; comedy and light-heartedness make the long film bearable and sweetie sweet characters take you to some fantastic world where there are no mother-in-laws or arrogant bosses. So the general audience may be finding it a passable amusement.


   Sanjay Sharma

Critic who loves to appreciate.

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