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Singh Is Bliing:The Shining Silliness

The Bible says that there will be a day when Prabhudeva will manage to make you laugh more than his contemporary Anees Bazmee. The day has arrived. Prabhudeva’s latest comic attempt Singh Is Bliing has all the potential to make you laugh more than Singh Is Kinng did six years back. But for the matter of repeat viewing, one cannot say if Singh Is Bliing will be having a long life. Anyway, the comparison is vague. Singh Is Kinng has nothing to do with Singh Is Bliing. They have nothing in common except the similar sounding name and a story which revolves around a Singh.

        Six years ago, Happy Singh was able to win our hearts. Has Raftaar abled to do the same? Well….yes! Raftaar Singh (Akshay Kumar) is a very innocent fun-loving character who is dreaded with his strict father (Yograj Singh) who wants his son to go to his friend in Goa and learn some work, otherwise he will have to marry Sweety, a girl jo kushti ladne ki cheez hai, shaadi ki nahi. On the other side of the world, in Romania, Mark (Kay Kay Menon), an underworld don is obsessed to kill Sara (Amy Jackson), the daughter of another don because she had put a stain on his mardaangi by kicking him when he was trying to hit on her.

       Having this jaanlewa khatra, she comes to Goa to her father’s friend who is apparently the friend of Raftaar’s father too. And there begins the series of comic elements guided by Emily (Lara Dutt) a translator hired to make the communication between Raftaar and Sara. Imli, that’s what Raftaar calls her, is a weird character who does a lot of sleepwalking, during which she seduces males, invites them on beach, sits along with them, picks up a coconut and drops it on their private part. Now this sounds idiotic, yes it is idiotic but the thing is sure to make you laugh. Emily is the character that you won’t be easily getting over with.

       Amy Jackson has done a fabulous job which frankly wasn’t expected from her. She remains very much into the character and the action she has done looks terrific as well as authentic. Prabhudeva seems to be promoting women empowerment through this character. Well, I don’t know if this character has abled to empower women but surely left us awestruck.

        The first half has unstoppable comic elements that are extremely silly but makes you end up laughing. It is the second half which slows down the pace, adds lot of unnecessary dramatic elements as if comedy wasn’t enough. Totally unrequired, unwanted drama that unfolds as the film proceeds towards the end makes you feel exhausted. Along with the poor emotional content, the film has also been dragged too much. It could have easily got shorter by approximately twenty minutes. When you are intentionally focusing on silly comedy, anything is expected and one doesn’t even need to feel to ask “how that happened”. But when you are unnecessarily jumping on the drama, all those questions suddenly become valid. For example, a don like Mark when gets to know that his obsession Sara is in Goa, since he is so obsessed to find her, why would he send his people and not go all by himself, considering how important she was to her. When Raftaar takes Sara to Punjab, Mark doesn’t get to know! I wonder what kind of don he is! Also, Raftaar lands directly to Romania along with Sara’s mother. Considering an uneducated, illiterate villager who doesn’t know the simplest English words like kick-ass which he misunderstands as Aas, a Hindi word meaning hope, that illiterate villager lands in Romania and finds out where Sara lives. Okay, let’s assume that her mother helped him. Then arises the question of getting passport and visa! The issue of Passport-Visa was well shown in Singh Is Kinng.

       The emotional content was still less for Prabhudeva so he infused the silly religious sentiments with dialogues like “Sardaar jahan kadam rakhde woh ilaaka uska ho jaata hai”. The fight sequence of Amy was way more authentic than that of Akshay Kumar with Kay Kay in the end. Greg Powell, a Hollywood action director, who did action for Holiday also, must have done the action sequences of Amy but the ending fight sequence doesn’t at all seem to be his direction.

         The music of the film is silly and fun just like the film is. There are two remakes and three originals which sum up to five tracks which are really enjoyable. Special mention is needed to be given to Amar Mohile. His background score goes well with silliness of the film.

         Singh Is Bliing – a nonsensical comedy which is silly enough to entertain you in the first half but loses the charm in the second half when the emotions take over but the silliness remains intact. 

   Prakhar Khare

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