Change is Zero

Nikhil Advani
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Umesh Bisht

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Hero:Change is Zero

Change is 0

Ek tha raja, ek thi rani, dono mar gaye khatam kahaani. Could anything be simpler than this? But something that makes even this story look complicated, is the story of a high-class girl falling in love with a lower class guy and the only conflict in the story is papa maan nahi rahe. Obviously! No father is a fool! But wait, here our ‘IG Sahab’ turns out to be an emotional fool. Thanks to perhaps, Nikhil Advani’s Dharma Productions hang-over for years, for sake of happily-ever-after ending.

         Hero, as you all know, is a remake of a 1983 Subhash Ghai film with the same name. Surprisingly, this 2015 remake is co-produced by him only, along with Salman Khan. The question arises that what was the need to remake a film that itself didn’t have a very unique storyline. In these times; if you want to make a solid film (read launch your kids) at least have some relevant storyline if not a novel one. It’s 2015 and frankly a gareeb ladka – ameer ladki storyline or  ‘papa maan nahi rahe’ as the primary conflict for the lead characters – just doesn’t work.

The film has ZERO consideration for the big Change society has gone through. The remake is remake or superficial adaptation.

The first scene, the first fight sequence - Hero enters on a bulldozer and you know how stodgy it is going to be.

          The ‘Hero’ meets his selfie-obsessed heroine in a club and without any interaction, he gets over-friendly with her and till the second antara of the song, they start dancing together. The number here is ‘Dance Ke Legends’. Legends? Kumaar must have written this song oblivious of their awful dancing skills. Poor Lyricist!

        For those who haven’t watched the original one, Sooraj (Sooraj Pancholi), a man of Pasha (Aditya Pancholi), kidnaps Radha (Athiya Shetty), daughter of IG Sahab (Tighmanshu Dhulia), posing himself as a policeman. On Pasha’s instructions, he takes her to Jammu along with all his tapori friends. Pasha is his father-figure cum Sooraj’s mother Dharam-Bhai. Now, I wonder if Nikhil Advani had focused more on this family tree, would he have an interesting story?

         IG Sahab’s daughter doesn’t give a damn to her family, so what if she is taken to a secluded wooden house in interior Jammu by five men who she hardly knows. So what, if they don’t let them talk to her father, she enjoys the snow, the coolness of the water, the hotness of Sooraj Pancholi’s body; she dances to Sachin-Jigar’s tunes, celebrates Valentines’ Day, gets drunk and does all the shit one does in his/her happiest moments. Now, when an army of policemen in uniform (obviously) surrounds them and being an IG’s daughter she thinks of them as Pasha’s men, I wonder what intelligence she must have inherited from her IG father! Our hero with an ordinary motorcycle jumps over a broken bridge and obviously falls into the river. The next thing they find themselves lying in a Buddhist monk area. Their ever-glowing faces have minor wounds to which we don’t even care to put Dettol. Yes, they actually fell from a considerable height. Yes, anything can happen! In the midst of all this running from the police, falling from the bridge, getting hurt, they never mind doing a romantic number. I wish if we also could learn to live so stress-free.

        Since she had fallen in love with him, even after she gets to know Sooraj’s reality, she doesn’t leave him but asks him to surrender. Sooraj goes to jail and begins a “new life” after getting released. He opens a gym and becomes a “good person”. If there’s Hero, there needs to be a villain too (yes apart from the main villain, the screenplay). That villain is sent by Pasha. In the matters of intelligence, our IG Sahab is no less than his daughter. He wants his daughter to get married to that villain whom he thinks to be a good boy and the one who is actually the good boy, he thinks of him as the villain. He is also very obsessed of himself being mentioned as papa by whoever his son-in-law is. In order to win over IG sahab, so much of drama and melodrama happens including the Hamlet-borrowed clichéd act of revealing the truth through stage dance. But who knew that our IG Sahab actually didn’t need all that. All he needed was a two-minute emotional punch line in the end which was sufficient enough to melt him. As I told you about his obsession, the first thing he says after accepting Sooraj as his son-in-law is, “sir nahi, papa kaho”.

          The characters are written so poorly that hardly any of them leaves any impact. The void made by the hollow screenplay is filled by the glossy cinematography and decent music by Amaal Mallik, Meet Bros Anjjan, Sachin-Jigar and Jassi Katyal. The screenplay doesn’t have loopholes, infact the whole screenplay itself is a loophole.

          Hero has a screenplay that seems to be passed by the producers without even reading it, or they got carried away by the love of Sooraj and Radha just like our IG Sahab did. It’s an utter failure!





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