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All is Well:All is Bore-Well

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When you keenly observe the Bollywood comedies, most of them have stories that revolve around the problems related to money. You take any Priyadarshan film be it Hera Pheri, Hungama, Chup Chup Ke, Malamaal Weekly, or any other film, it all happens either because the character is in want of money, or takes a lot of loan which he is unable to repay.

      Umesh Shukla’s second venture after Oh My God, revolves around this same stodgy storyline where Mr. Bhalla (Rishi Kapoor) has apparently taken so much of loan from a gangster called Chima (Mohammed Zeeshan Ayub) and his son Inder (Abhishek Bachchan) who is in Dubai, busy in finding a way to launch his own album, is cleverly called to Kasol, India to sign on a paper which asks to sell their bakery shop and their house in order to repay the loan. Mr. Bhalla refuses to sign on the paper as he does not want to sell the shop which is his only source of income. And then the chase sequence follows throughout the film.sad

       Apart from this not-being-able-to-repay-the-loan drama, there’s an emotional side to the film riding parallel with the comedy. Nimmi (Asin) who loves Inder and wants to marry him, has been refused by him numerous times because he hates the concept of marriage as he has closely seen the bitter side of this relationship. Seeing his parents always fighting has made him hate the concept of marriage. What stands out among all of them is Pammi played by Supriya Pathak who is having Alzheimer’s disease. Such a terrific performance she has done with minimal dialogues and all expressions.yes

Unlike in his first film Oh My God, which had comedy through creatively woven satirically written intelligent dialogues, Umesh Shukla remains slapstick in this film. Unlike Oh My God which hardly had any song (barring Go Go Govinda which was an enjoyable one), the film is full of nonsensical songs that appear from nowhere. A film where you are being shown some comedy and you hardly get a laugh in any scene, the sudden appearance of meaningless songs that do not have even any legitimate relationship with the screenplay, slows down the pace of the otherwise decently edited film. When the screenplay, the dialogues, the music and the performances all fail, it is Sanjay Sankla’s editing that has made it tolerable enough to watch it till the end.

     The screenplay has numerous flaws but while pointing out, you feel the benefit of excuse the slapstick comedies do have is kuch bhi ho sakta hai. If you have already taken the liberty of making anything happen, it becomes pointless to point out flaws.surprise

      Abhishek’s performance is just what you would have expected, neither good nor bad. Quite similar is the case for Asin who are among those actors who do not let themselves grow. Rishi Kapoor is totally into the character but since that character is too loud, it gets annoying at times. Two performances that stands out is one by Supriya Pathak, an Alzheimer patient with helpless expressionless expressions making you feel what a genius actress she is, while the other one by Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub whom we have praised enough in Raanjhana and few other films, has amazingly played the role of a stupid gangster making him the only person to bring out some laughter moments in this so-called comedy.

      The film in the beginning seems to be a pointless piece of drama and comedy which keeps on getting better, better and better with each scene as it proceeds with the help of decent editing by Sanjay Sankla in the otherwise poorly written and directed film.

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