Detonates but does not devastate

Karan Anshuman
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Puneet Krishna

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Bangistan:Detonates but does not Devastate!!

Detonates but doesn’t Devastate!!  indecision

One More Writing Credit - Sumit Purohit

Bangistan is made by erstwhile Mumbai Mirror’s most loved Film Critic Karan Anshuman. FWA personally congratulates him on his film and wishes him all the success. yes
We have high regards for Karan especially because he is one of those few critics who attributed film's success to writers mentioning their names, when it was so. enlightened
While in critic’s capacity he had been showing ‘Mirror’ to filmmakers; this time he comes on the other side. So let’s see how his film reflects in Writer’s Mirror.  smiley

FACT – You always prattle around the kitchen nick picking? Do you know how difficult is cooking unlike critiquing?  angry     
fact – BigBro, it is not necessary that I must be a good cook to tell you how tasty your recipes are turning out. I eat so much of stuff, so I thought like I can give you a feedback, after all I am paying you for even the craps you churn out.  frown 

FACT – How about Trading Places? You try to cook today and I will critique? enlightened     
fact – Wow, that’s great. BTW please don’t presume those who are not cooking don’t know how to cook. Probably they may not be getting the opportunity... devil

FACT – What are you making? cheeky    
fact – आलू bombs. हा हा. That’s suspense. You just watch out.. 

Riteish’s Hafiz and Pulkit’s Praveen are in their different ordinary Worlds where both feel the ‘religious’ pains due to apparent injustice happening on Muslims & Hindus respectively and want to do ‘something’. Their fire is fanned by vested interests who want to disrupt religious harmony for personal mileage. On behest of these miscreants both the men take a call to adventure to become Human Bombs and reach Poland to blast a Religious Conference for Peace. To mislead the authorities Hafiz goes in guise of a Hindu and Pravin as a Muslim. yes 

In a nice quick First Act, which takes care of everything required of a set-up, we also see some funny little figments of imagination e.g. Terrorists’ conclaves at FcDonald Joint on snow-clad mountains, with long queues of traditional Muslims buying fries. Equally fast you arrive at Plot Point 1 where, both the Protagonists march on their missions (separately). yes 

Interestingly when they meet at Poland, they become friends because Hafiz thinks Pravin is Muslim and vice-versa.smileyyes

The Second Act deals with their preparations for the mission apparently on a shoe-string budget! When they can’t buy a bomb they go the DIY way.surprise

While you pull-off the first act, though not fully convinced, the second act aka Body of the film isn’t properly built. It only deals with their settling down, as neighbours (innovative idea), becoming friends, making friends (esp Jac Fernandes for GQ) and covertly building the bomb the DIY way. sad

Here’s a big Problem. I missed the conflict. Internal and/or external. There is no resistance / opposition to their mission – from themselves, from the other guy or from outside. It looked like a body without proper skeleton – some kind of timepass going on where we just wait for the climax. Worse, the comedy is left far behind in their home country. You suffocate without this oxygen of fun. The spoof treatment which dominates in the first act, isn’t even noticed in the main body where the film plays out like normal drama with stray one-liners like any other film these days! no

Not that the plot didn’t have that scope. It has immense potential. But it's disappointing to see that a team of three writers and writer consultants couldn’t see lack of conflict and comedy, vital for a satire to sustain. indecision

A hardliner Hindu, in guise of Muslim, staying with a Muslim in guise of Hindu, such promising situation isn’t milked in that context to that extent. A lot remained untapped, UNFORTUNATELY. sad

When there is no real tension, fake tension is introduced in form of cops coming to search their apartments. This also looks like an inserted crisis for the compulsory interval point.frown

In the Third Act they realize just before the mission that they were misled /duped into becoming human bombs. At this Plot Point 2 they resolve to stop the bomb blast at any cost.       

Now again, there’s problem. Praveen hasn’t yet transformed. He continues with his mission lying to Hafiz that he is with him in preventing the bomb-blast. Though a nice idea in itself, where two protagonists have conflicting agendas and one is a trickster; this doesn’t come out convincingly enough and also defies basic logic. Why would Praveen take Hafiz along with him when he knows Hafiz is against the mission? Also, why would the Police let them escape from the custody when they are already arrested? surprise This device to facilitate their escape doesn't hold much ground.

The film’s message of Religious Tolerance is indeed strong but a little too much of it being fed in last year might cause a surfeit to usual film-going audience. I am sure a lot of them have already been transformed albeit more by realization of facts around them than films! wink       

Ya, a funny part of the message, in case you can’t catch up the film, is that “There are 4231 religions around the globe - So just chill." cool And "Chilling out at a Pub is better", that’s another (hidden) message, which majority might take with a pinch of salt and I don’t mean the way they do with Tequila shots. wink

FACT – Diet Cola, Tequila and even Zamzam you have served everything? So do you think it will cause the blast..? 
fact – I have set the clock ticking but you know one can’t say anything about Chinese Bombs and Indian Films. laugh


   Sanjay Sharma

Critic who loves to appreciate.

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