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Bahubali - The Beginning:Vision/Thought = Infinity


Vision/Thought = Infinity surprise

FACT – Let’s make it big.. cheeky
fact – But what? surprise

FACT – Whatever. Whatever we make, we will make it on Epic Proportions. Literally.
fact – But saaar, to make something big, we need something. What’s your story?

FACT – Yes. Story. Once upon a time, there was a good king and his cousin bad co-king, who wanted to be King so he killed Good King (but hey wait, that’s in the second part)..In this part just assume that Bad Co-King killed good King and Bad King’s Good mother took away Good King’s good baby and this baby survives in forests with tribes to become Tarzan (with moustache) and accidentally returns for revenge albeit oblivious of anything.  smiley
fact – This story is like so many other old stories,  sad 

FACT – (hushed) Shut up. The hell with the story. Look at the telling. It will be our Magnum Opus. People will watch film and not the story. frown
fact – Shiv Shambhoo. I see lot of resources going down the waterfall.. anyway why do we want to tell the story? indecision

FACT – Idiot. We want to tell, because WE want to tell.. if we have access to the resources then why we mustn’t?   
fact – And that too, in all the languages.. 

Bahubali has taken film goers by storm. Viewers and most reviewers have been all ga-ga about this. The film is all about Visuals (said already) but bereft of much thought or any message. Can’t resist my fascination for expressing things mathematically.. devil

-------  = ∞ i.e. Infinity

Not because anything divided by zero is ∞, but
because ∞ divided by anything is Infinity.

There is an infinite vision behind this film, so what if
Lim Thought ---> (tends to) zero?

The story that intentionally tries to ape Mahabharata eventually appears pretty concocted from age-old tales.

The Two Film structure itself was a big turn off for me as a story listener. As a viewer of a Spectacle, it doesn’t matter, because I will watch the same thing all over again, maybe as a sequel of this film or as some Ben Hur or even this same film (infinitesimal probability).frown

As a story, you can’t hold for long but as an extravaganza you may want to behold. The story starts with Tarzan like Shiva’s childhood who is pulled by his dreams of a fairy to up above the mountains where his destiny lies. He has to reclaim his throne. But he is oblivious of anything and does it to help his new found girl. So brief romance with the fairy ends and he proceeds to release his shackled mother, which happens without much trouble in a clichéd way of him first jumping into the kingdom and then sneaking into the enemy forces by becoming one of them. Just like this cool

After he has rescued his Mother, who has been waiting for him and preparing funeral pyre of their enemy, he comes to know his real story through a loyalist Kattappa.

Trying to look complex like Mahabharat BBB’s story is as simple as that mentioned above. If you cut the crap, it boils down to the bad cousin co-king did some coup de’tat and usurped the throne which now Tarzan prince needs to reclaim.

The large section of the first part is devoted to the rivalry of Good Prince and Bad Prince and to establish who is better an elaborate battle is inserted which is frankly unnecessary for the story. This battle is with Black=Evil forces. So much for the stereotype.
In just one simple scene, the test could have happened, finishing the film in a single part. But it leaves you in Story lurch and asks you to pay once again and come back to watch the same thing in 2016. Hope there is no other war inserted then and another invitation to come back yet again in 2017.. crying
Also hope that you will still remember who’s who by then, given the ephemeral life of these no-story characters.surprise

The Film lacks a lot in its detailing. Mostly made for South Indian audiences this dubbed Hindi version should have been a much neglected but accidental hit venture.

  1. Supposed to be a period film, BBB doesn’t go beyond cosmetics when it comes to playing Period-Period. Dominating women, 'sculpt make-up masked' item girls are commonly seen.
  2. Devsena is name of the Queen and Mahasena is the name of the army. ?.surprise
  3. Characters speak Hindi and ‘Urdu with proper accent’. Fine. Nobody knew what period the story was set in. So if it is from the period when Sanskrit/Pali was spoken, then they can speak like today’s Hindi as their item numbers are wearing clothes of today’s fashion. It’s not necessary to have Mahabharat / Ramayan type Sanskritised Hindi. Anyway the film is dubbed to entertain or bedazzle today’s audience, so it better speaks today’s language. What if the film was to be dubbed in Urdu also? To save that, this one version suits both. The tribal people with whom Shiva grows up, speak Hindi in UP dialect. Now, why can’t that be possible?    
  4. Kattappa’s character who tries to ape Bhishma Pitamah, “that he will protect the throne”, confuses us because at times he fights for the throne and sometimes wants to release the imprisoned Queen. Sometimes he fights Shiva and then he takes his feet and keeps it on his head. Ahem. Slaves loving slavery story retold. Personified and glorified. Honestly loyal.  angel
  5. Performance wise, there is a proper attempt to look into the character. The Dominating ladies, Maharani and Avantika (Tammanna) walk with obtrusive aplomb. When kids act as soldier/goons/strongmen in school play they walk like this, swelling their chest, stretching their hands out. It looked pretty much that everybody was a Bahubali (ArmStrong) couldn’t contain their arms close to their bodies. Most actors are loud and on the face. The hero, Parbhas (Shiva) is most time actioning than acting, so in all close-ups you see him with constant but constrained grin. Reminded me so much of Arun Govilji from Ramayan. Is he stoic by choice or without choice..check out in part 2. Rana Dugabhati works better among all.           

FACT – Can you please tell what’s good too?   
fact – Visuals, as I said earlier. (Not for those who have been on the other side, you will make out, the palaces are models and rest studio).yes

The battlefield is shot well, the details of the battle worked out very well and executed too. Though the black enemies are like video game baddies.  

Music, sorry I don’t remember..

FACT – Forget it, Good that you made this review also quite big. Size does matter. Haven’t you heard BIG is Beautiful? Let’s continue making it BIG - BBC after BBB*..smiley (BahuBali Conclusion after BahuBali Beginning). BIG?  
fact – Sorry, I would rather make a LARGE for me..devil


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