Guddu Rangeela
Not Colourful Enough

Subhash Kapoor
Writer - Director

Film Review
Guddu Rangeela:This Guddu Runs Sukha


Not colourful enough

Guddu Rangeela makes a promise and doesn’t deliver. The promise is of a comedy. Of an entertainer. A film that will be fun to watch. But unfortunately it’s none of the above.

Guddu (Amit Sadh) and Rangeela (Arshad Warsi) are two orchestra singers who sing Mata ke bhajans at residences and in turn sell info about the house to the gang of robbers. And then they get the assignment to kidnap a girl (Aditi Rao Hyderi). When they kidnap her, they realize there’s more to story than what it seems. And that it has something to do with Rangeela’s past with Billu Pahalwan (Ronit Roy).

The Haryanvi hinterland that’s full of khap panchayats, honour killings and heartless patriarchy forms the background for this revenge story. And the biggest weakness of this film is its story, credited to the director himself. It has too many flaws and the loose screenplay gives the audience ample time to delve into those flaws. In one scene, Guddu is asking Rangeela – hum gangster kyon nahi ban saktey? Rangeela thrusts a gun in his hand and asks him to shoot someone but he is unable to. Suddenly in another scene, he is shown gunning down goons like a pro. Somewhere through the film, you begin to feel that two characters were created and then the story-writer didn’t know what to do with them.

Baby played by Aditi Rao Hyderi is shown as the mastermind of the plan but very soon, she not only exposes herself as the planner of the game but also has no further game plan to follow. Other two recruits played by Divyendu and Brijendra Kala are randomly shown as shrewd and stupid in alternate scenes and finally appear as the armoured saviours. It is hard to guess whether the filmmaker actually wants to tell the story like this or is he trying to spoof revenge dramas? The film loses its plot very soon after the interval.

Arshad Warsi tries hard to infuse life into the character he is playing. Amit tries to match up making the cute puppy face at every given opportunity. Aditi Rao Hyderi is okay. Divyendu and Brijendar Kala are earnest while Rajeev Gupta as the corrupt constable evokes few laughs. Few dialogues in crude language have become a norm for almost all films these days. You will find them here too.

The love story between gritty Baby and goofy Guddu is rushed and hollow. Between two exchanges of Degi Kya and Legi Kya, they fall in love and sing Tan mein suiyaan suiyaan doing hard-core filmy steps.

Director Subhash Kapoor has made films like Phas gaye re Obama and Jolly LLB. These films had dark humour, great puns and were very very engaging. The bar was raised high by the director himself and even if we try and ignore his early works and see Guddu Rangeela with a fresh mind, the result would be the same. Guddu Rangeela disappoints.


   S Manasvi

S Manasvi is a Direction Passout from FTII Pune. Besides Writer-Director of the Film Love U Mr Kalakaar (Rajashree Productions), he also has several TV shows to his credit..

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