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ABCD 2:AnyBody Cannnot Dance


Review by S. Manasvi

Any Body Cannot Dance

Yes. Any Body Cannot Dance. It needs immense skills to participate in a world level Hip Hop Dance Competition. The film is not about underdogs who don’t know anything about dance but go ahead and win a competition. The film is about a bunch of dancers who get disqualified because their choreography is not “original”. The judges don’t care whether the dancers have performed really well and managed to recreate something as good as the Pilipino Dancers. They call them cheaters and this affects even the day to day life of these dancers. The team wants to bounce back by participating in the International Hip Hop Dance Competition and find their guru in an alcoholic –‘Vishnu Sir’. How they manage to reach the finals of this competition is rest of the story.

The plot is paper thin and the screenplay is more visual than written. Dialogue isn’t that great either. So if you are the one who likes to OD on the choreographed dances, this is the film for you. The dances are really well choreographed and stand out brilliantly. But rest of the emotions look forced. The track about Vishnu Sir having a hidden agenda to go to Las Vegas seems like a ploy to add some intrigue, isn’t convincing; because if you look back, you realize that the whole thing could have happened even by confiding with the team. The tag of “cheater” attached to the team is a hurdle only till the qualifying round. Even the two other twists that happen post-interval are just to juggle up an otherwise straight storyline. Story by Varun Kapoor and Screenplay by Mayur Puri and Tushar Hiranandani could have had more spice.

Varun Dhawan has emerged as a good actor and in this film, he gets to showcase his dancing talents too. He is the kind of dancer we have never seen before amongst mainstream heroes. Shraddha Kapoor has really worked hard to match skills with the other DID talents in the film. Rest of the supporting cast like Lauren Gottlieb, Dharmesh Yelande, Raghav Juyal, Sushant Pujari and Punit Pathak make their presence felt. Prabhudeva gets an emotional track which is aptly complimented by Tisca Chopra. Prachi Shah in the wordless cameo is good too. The performance in the climax deserves a special mention.

The film is based on the true story of suburban Nallasopara's Fictitious Dance Group. There is sheer brilliance in the choreographed stage performances and rehearsal sequences. The production design is good and cinematography is first rate. But the absence of a good screenplay lets down the efforts of director Remo D’Souza. The film is all dance and no soul. The classic format of man winning against all obstacles somehow fails to touch the right chords.

In ABCD, Prabhu Deva played a failed teacher who wanted to prove that Any Body Can Dance. But in ABCD 2, the participants are already skilled dancers. All they need is a choreographer because they had failed earlier as they had not choreographed their performance and plagiarized someone else’s dance steps. This takes away that underdog element which is the key in such films.

Dance Reality Shows on television have always generated good TRPs. And nowadays, in every reality show, you get to hear teary tales of struggle of all the participants. Even Nach Baliye added a special section to showcase the love-stories of the participating couples. If you are one of those, who loves to watch the dance reality shows and are ready to watch a 150 minute dance marathon on big screen, and in 3D is select theatres, this is the film for you. But if you are looking for story, emotional moments and romance between the lead pair, you will be disappointed.

   S Manasvi

S Manasvi is a Direction Passout from FTII Pune. Besides Writer-Director of the Film Love U Mr Kalakaar (Rajashree Productions), he also has several TV shows to his credit..

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