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Welcome 2 Karachi:Spoof of Goofs

Welcome 2 Karachi
Spoof of goofs!  laugh

Other Writers - Danish Hussain & Raj Kundra

Spoiler Warning – Nothing significant.

FACT – What the #@*K. angry
fact – What a #@*K!! wink

FACT – It’s such an idiotic caper... sad    
fact – That’s funny, actually.cheeky

FACT – Shut-up. No logic, no research, no IQ, no nothing.. frown 
fact – But sir it is still pulling off well, evoking good laughter and becoming a contemporary satire, and also..smiley

FACT – Are you trying to say this nonsense is a good film? surprise
fact – Sir, I’m trying to say this nonsense is a good spoof. Let’s be little receptive to nonsense, let’s welcome the stupidity and only then can we welcome the comedy, and are 'Welcomed 2 Karachi.' cool

Plot is a simple nonsense. Two nincompoops make a stupid plan to migrate to USA and land in Karachi accidentally. There begins their journey in a foreign country so familiar like their motherland, yet so hostile, so chaotic! They get thrown from Khajur to Aasman, and beyond to bigger crises.

The film sets into motion with the boat accident and doesn’t look back as far as the running around goes. Their series of misadventures begin from a hospital, followed by getting abducted by ordinary citizens, then goons, they get trapped in a shoot-out and suddenly find themselves in middle of Taliban, then Al-Qaida, then US Spies, even ISIS, and what-not devil

Now without going into finer details, we just discuss the craft. This is a brake-failed car on a slope and destined to take the course it wants rather than what you would like.wink
The fun with such scripts is probably to give-in to the course the over-damped script takes and go where it goes. enlightened

W2K – welcomes the two (2 buffoons) to Karachi in a very ‘bizarre imaginary’ way. To enjoy their escapades we need a good suspension of disbelief and in return it promises reasonable amount of guffaws for the overall length of the film. The script also keeps the intrigue intact as you keep watching out for what the #$*K is coming next. yes  

FACT – The way Pakistan is shown, like anarchic – even citizens are abducting doctors for treatments, Kedar (Jackie) is such a fool who doesn’t understand basics, a slightly less foolish Shammi (Warsi) is just blabbing against Pakistan in middle of Pakistani Pathans.. It’s all too stupid to be funny. 
fact – We read, watched, and even loved stupids like Suppanndi. And comedy allows you to exaggerate, become absurd and that’s the beauty of this genre which will keep you laughing and really forget whatever the #$*K is happening in your life! angel

FACT – Well, let’s agree to disagree, as they say. So you mean it’s good, there is no problem with writing etc..
fact – Well difficult to say that there is no problem. But good part is that there are consistent doses of fun and excitement which over-shadow the logic and reality.

It might take a while to really empathise with such fools, to believe they exist. But once you are with them, it’s a smooth bumpy ride. Characters of fools and their foolishness must have been the crux of the writing.

At some places imagination deserves kudos. How a scale-down version of World War erupts on Karachi streets, is fun to take a dig at serious issues happening around the World. yes

Yes problems are there. I think, there should have been some little change, even if temporary, in their foolish characters, to make the climax meaningful. The open-ended climax isn’t satisfying, it ends at a point making it abrupt thereby killing the whole purpose of the pre-climax problem they had on hand. sad 

Also all through the caper, we get to watch the same things repeatedly. Till the interval this goes fine, it’s a hilarious journey. But post that, just going into further bigger crises becomes very much repetitive and predictable. Phans gaye Re Obama? After one point we expect the gears to be shifted and the film to go into different / unexpected zones from where they must come out winners. This is where I think the writing needed to converge. no

Performance wise, must say Jackky at places one-ups his peer Arshad Warsi in comic timing. We know when the camera is on him, he will do something foolish and make us laugh. Probably because he is playing himself so it’s coming naturally wink (excuse my sense of humour). But this gives us a good comic actor, we were missing among the younger lot. devil

The director must also be appreciated for correct execution and making it look authentic Karachi. As a comedy lover, I don’t care much for the correctness of the finer details or even gross details. It is not a period drama from a big studio to waste loads of money on such things when fun is the goal. yes        

FACT – You look happy. Any compliments for the Writers?
fact – Will use their own dialogue to compliment them.
       “I फकर you”. smiley

FACT – Well, even I can say that, reserving my opinion.
फकर you”. angry

P.S. We understand Writers do not have control on how the final film shapes up. Making of a film is an outcome of several stages, writing being the first. But since we are discussing films here from Writer's PoV we consider screenplay as it unfolds in front of us on the screen. Script could have been somewhat different.
Our idea is just to analyse the screenplay with an intention of understanding the craft.

This has been discussed in detail here...
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