Sabki Bajegi Band
New name for Voyeurism

Anirudh Chawla
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Sabki Bajegi Band:Packaged Voyeurism



As an ending statement in this film, the protagonist (if he may be called so) Karan points his camera towards the audience and says – So tell me, what are you hiding? Well, my reply was “Why do you need to know?”  

This is also what I felt while watching this film – Why do we need to know all this? What exactly is this film about? Nine horny friends who gather at one place to discuss porn in front of the camera? To talk about their fantasies, kinks, hidden sexuality? My point was – why should we watch them? Who are they? One character is a “super model”, one is a “cartoonist”, one is a “struggling actor”, one is an “RJ”. Other five characters have some profession you never come to know about. You never get to develop a liking for them because of the superficial script so it hardly matters to you when they reveal their secrets.

I understand there’s a story behind making of this film but it’s immaterial to me. I am only reacting to what I saw on screen. An amateurish production with a non-existent script where the dialogue tries too hard to get noticed and most of the jokes fall flat. Whether it’s about a man accidentally chewing a flavoured condom or a supermodel telling her friend how to spot a gay man.

I had read in the news that RJ Anirudh Chawla had hosted a farmhouse party for his friends who are well known names in the party circuit, television and film industry. There were hidden cameras at the venue and candid conversations and confessions got recorded. When Anirudh Chawla and Yusuf Shaikh saw the raw uncensored footage they decided to turn it into a reality film.

I really wish this film was also shot with the hidden camera effect. The very fact that Karan the host tells everyone that he will be recording their views on the camera and is shown holding the digicam throughout the film, dilutes the story. All the shots that are supposed to be shot through this digicam go in and out of focus making you wonder, why is the auto focus of this camera, so bad. But at times, even the shots that are not supposed to be through the camera go in and out of focus. So much for realistic treatment.

Story, concept, lyrics and direction are credited to RJ Anirudh Chawla. I am told, he was planning to release the footage he had with original faces. But he was threatened of legal action and he decided to make this film instead. I guess that’s where Screenplay Writer Sanjay Niranjan came in. The film is presented in episodes with a quirky title to each episode. The attempt is to make us laugh but it hardly makes us smile.

Each and every issue in this film has been dealt very frivolously. Whether it’s infidelity or open relationship or casual sex or incest or homosexuality or HIV, the presentation is at a very surface level. A wife runs after the husband with a knife after declaring to everyone that he has been cheating on her. But the treatment and background music makes you feel as if the wife is angry that husband didn’t get free dhaniya from the vegetable vendor.

No one’s performance is worth mentioning. I wish they knew what they were getting into before signing the film. The film works if you treat it as a tasteless gossip column that used to come in C Grade Film Magazines. As a film, it fails at multiple levels.

If you are still interested in knowing where the heart of this film or its filmmaker lies – search for “Open letter from 'Sabki Bajegi Band' director apologising to his Bollywood friends” on the net.

Rating: 0.5 stars

   S Manasvi

S Manasvi is a Direction Passout from FTII Pune. Besides Writer-Director of the Film Love U Mr Kalakaar (Rajashree Productions), he also has several TV shows to his credit..

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