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Kagaz ke Fools:Cardboard ke Characters

Kagaz ke Fools

Written by - Faisal Kapadia & Arun Bhairav

KKF is another story with a writer at the centre. This writer Shri Purushottam Tripathi aka Puru is a righteous and honest artist who won’t compromise on his art just to sell his work. But surprisingly we see him working in an ad agency. No, he isn’t working in Doordarshan/Film Division, making ads in Public Interest but with a proper exploitative agency who are promotors of undergarments. How honest are these ads we all know. wink

Puru is a kind of upright and flawless characters, we need so much in real life but don’t find and don’t need in reel life but invariably find, definitely in Vinay Pathak. smiley

Well Puru’s character contradictions don’t just end here. Puru will play three cards, blind, like a pro, but won’t carry the winnings home. Puru will go with an escort girl but..frown

Puru remains Pure. Bottom-line. Underlined. One keeps wondering if it’s a story of a mythological character, who passes through tests of times and comes out immaculate. Or was it supposed to be a comedy, given the title and the pun intended.surprise

Like Puru, the film also doesn’t go much farther into anything. Just like the title it remains a paper tiger or herbivorous paper tiger precisely.sad

So Puru is a stain-proof white character who comes out clean, come what may.. so naturally he becomes the pivotal character who leads transformation of other characters, especially his wife (Nikki of Mugdha) who is like any wife of WhatsApp jokes recycled nth time. She is ambitious and tries hard to make Puru push the envelop or adapt to changing times by fading his impractical righteousness. The way the narrative goes, you know she will have to transform. This flaw of the wife, wanting to see her husband’s book published, is also engineered by provocations. So basically, even she was more or less upright and happy. surprise

There is another important character Rubina of Raima Sen, whom he bumps into at a shady casino. Rubina spots him when he is winning big and though she gets him home, she also waits for him to hand over his winnings when he is comfy. Honesty meets bigger honesty. So if Rubi was so honest why she got this inebriated drunkard home when he didn’t actually intend to go with her? So there is no end to character contradictions. Also, her best efforts don’t bulge the Purushamitra an inch. She gives in to his greatness, with all gaga at his love for his irritating wife.

So unlike real life, here all of them are good. Ya there is a minor flaw that he drinks. But then all of them do, so this comes as a plus than flaw. indecision

This film also has issues with the structure. At PP1, Puru sahab leaves home. Supposedly a crisis point or call to adventure doesn’t become adventurous much. PP2 when he is caught by police with Rubina, also doesn’t affect the narrative much except for some cursing by the wife angry who was already cursing, nevertheless.

Puru Bhaiya who fights with his boss for a raise, is seen travelling by autos, has no frowns to be the ATM for Rubina and her friend.. he is seen showering cash just like that. surprise

The film also rides on clichés when it comes to character quirks and also the one-liners. Saurabh Shukla and even other actors try their best to fling those flat jokes at you, only to be boomeranged. no

I am sure Kagaz ke Fools would have been at least a Kahani on Kagaz. Otherwise why would such talented actors and other parties vest their interests in it? Where things might have gone out of the script’s control must be the point to ponder. enlightened








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