Struggles with Problems
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Ranjit Kapoor
Writer - Director

Film Review
Jai Ho Democracy:Fights with External & Internal Problems

Writers - Bikramjeet Singh Bhullar (Co-writer & Co-Director)
Sreekanth Ageewaran (Co-writer)

Fights with External & Internal Problems

Jai Ho Democracy primarily suffers from one problem – ‘A couple of films already made on similar lines’.
Recent Annu Kapoor co-starring film Dharam Sankat Mein, also had to grapple with the identical problem. It could be a sheer bad luck too, that a script graduates to becoming a Project, and another film similar in bit & pieces, or whole releases causing some/much damage to the film.

Jai Ho Democracy, that way is too close to Kya Dilli Kya Lahore. Filmistan too was of the similar genre but much different, but Kya Dilli Kya Lahore’s backdrop, transition and resolution fall on much similar lines. Due to which Jai Ho Democracy struggles to prove its freshness.

Besides this too, JHD has its issues too.

The film begins with a nonsensical irony that a cross-border scuffle kicks off when a hen is sighted in no man's land between India & Pakistan. As there are tension and war is about to break, a Joint Parliamentary Committee in Delhi, is constituted to take a call on this.

Well, the set-up seems good for an interesting satire. But the narrative keeps shuttling between the border tension and the meeting proceedings. The satire stagnates at the border, as there is no much content to sustain a properly developed second act. The JPC meeting, on the other hand, gets into lot of jargonized humour, mostly mimicry, bit clichéd humour (South Indian Accent), clichéd satire (Gandhiji’s Picture) and all this is neither assisting nor connecting to the main plot. Though this could be intentional because we know, most proceedings like these are a sham. But it goes on for too long. Barely a 90 min film appears as if endless.

The climax, however, wins you, BUT that’s after you have lost your connection with the plot and characters.

A bit of spoiler but I would want to go on record here so pardon me. Where you expect war, bonhomie is seen, and where you expect consensus, sword are drawn. You hit the bull’s eye sir but after beating around the bush for so long that the hen has already flied.

The rising tension in the meeting leading to a bizarre conclusion, almost reversals of purpose, is something to watch carefully for writers. But this only works on the scale doesn’t connect with the audience at all, making it look tedious and eventually going flat, but exciting only in the end.

Also, almost half of the film shows just the meeting, which is an indoor talkathon of caricatured stupid characters, and that feels little a lot repetitive and stretched.

Watch it if satire is your genre though nothing much comes through, barring a few one-liners.


   Sanjay Sharma

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