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Dilliwali Zaalim Girlfriend:Car ka Punchnama!!

Dilliwali Zalim Girlfriend broken heart
Car ka Punchnama!!  indecision

Spoiler Warning – Plot is discussed in detail and one insignificant twist too.

FACT – What would you love to eat, Roti, Paratha or Nan.
fact – You just start making, we will figure it out afterwards depending on what shape it becomes. If you get it perfect round we will call Roti, triangular – Paratha and elongated then Nan.  surprise

FACT – Shut up. What do you mean?   angry  
fact – See, when most of North Indians make Dosai at home, it looks like Uttapam and we can’t say if the curry is Rasam or Sambhar, which actually is lentil soup. You call it what the maker calls it, to keep the fuss out and enjoy the meal. It is better to shun the purist approach sometimes and anyway what’s there in the name. devil

FACT – Ya, what’s there in the name?
fact – As long as the customer doesn’t feel cheated.indecision

Dilliwali Zalim Girlfriend is exactly such affair where there’s a chance of reliving this saying because...

From the name it appears to be some Romcom but the film is all the way bereft of romance as well as comedy, barring a few places. The plot instead revolves around car thefts.

Dhruv (Divyendu) and his friend Happy (Pradhuman Singh) buy a car to upgrade their lifestyles and impress a hot girl Sakshi (Prachi Mishra) who works in a car finance company. Turns out that Sakshi is a trap to lure customers and she double cons them by making pay her party bills, so that her company can confiscate their car due to default. That is Dilliwali “ZALIM” GF which concludes in first 30 min. The film never comes back to this plot though this is also connected to the main plot later (yes, the main plot is different and not about GF or love). But as far as this ZGF sub-plot/angle is concerned there's no revisit/repartee.

Well, soon their car goes missing. They find out it was stolen by Minocha (Shroff) who runs a car-theft racket in cahoots with the Police etc. The rest of the film then becomes their efforts to do a tit-for-tat on Minocha and expose him.  

3/4th of the film is about something which the title, promos don’t talk about. You go expecting some romcom and what unfolds is a con story of Khosla ka Ghosla flavour.frown

It is very interesting and shocking too, to see how systematically this racket operates that leaves no scope for any recovery or penal action against the perpetrators. Nevertheless, the plot stagnates at Dhruv et.al. ’s trial and errors in nailing Minocha. With help of their reporter friend Nimmi (Ira Dubey) who is getting married soon (a clichéd set-up, with hackneyed twist) they begin their sting by placing spy cameras at Minocha’s office, home, car etc. A lot of time is spent on this, trying to make it look funny which unfortunately lacks pace and intrigue. no 

FACT – Ok, the bread is ready. What does it look like now?
fact – It’s got little too elongated. Shall we call it Nan anyway? surprise

Whatever, our guys wait for some worthwhile footage on their spy cameras boringly so do we looking at their faces.

Solution comes from the problem, which usually happens in most cases that conman becomes victim of another red carrot.  

FACT – What’s the up quotient..?
fact – Nothing much but performances. Divyendu is promising as usual, Pradhuman Singh is terrific and Ira Dubey does a nice job too. Jackie Shroff lives upto the challenge of playing a Dilliwala Con. yes

FACT – So what’s the call?
fact - "A small amusing piece of a news item", repeatedly mentioned so in the film itself, appears to have been stretched over 2 hours. Not that we shouldn’t make films out of small news but then the screenplay has to be entertaining with regular doses of exciting events and dialogue should constantly shower funny one-liners. Nothing of this sort happens with Dilliwali and thus you end up with just bread without any curry and that too, you don’t know what to call.no

Don’t go expecting a Pyar ka Punchnama (Divyendu’s must watch) because this one is Car ka Punchnama. This will minimise the disappointment.

P.S. We understand Writers do not have control on how the final film shapes up. Making of a film is an outcome of several stages, writing being the first. But since we are discussing films here from Writer's PoV we consider screenplay as it unfolds in front of us on the screen. Script could have been somewhat different.
Our idea is just to analyse the screenplay with an intention of understanding the craft.
This has been discussed in detail here...
"In Defence of Writers..."

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