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NH10:She drives to overtake!

She drives to overtake!  Description: smiley

Spoiler Warning – Plot is discussed in detail, twist(s) are spared.

FACT – Have a puff... Description: smiley
fact – Thanks, btw what’s cooking for lunch..Description: laugh

FACT – Nothing. We haven’t earned a dime today. So just puff off.     
fact – What? Not even water? You know, Smoking Kills.Description: frown

FACT – Ya, kills, kills the appetite at least. Artists must learn to kill their ambitions if they can’t fulfill them. Description: indecision 
fact – You seem to be in a tense mood today. Description: angry

FACT – Ever since we took this wrong bypass road the eerie silence is driving me nuts.. Description: surprise 
fact – It happens when an outing becomes misadventure. Like on NH10.

FACT – NH10, ya, Anushka has different spout... Description: smiley
fact – Man we are here to discuss stories, not spouts.. Description: frown

Arjun (Neil) and Meera (Anushka) are going to celebrate latter’s birthday in a private villa at a holiday destination. Recently a group of thugs tried to harass her while she was alone on the road at night. So Arjun is taking her for this therapeutic outing. On their way, they witness an incidence of crime and Arjun tries to intervene. This act boomerangs because the criminals are more ruthless than they thought. Their struggle to escape from the criminals’ clutches leads to more mishaps and the whole affair spires into trail of spine-chilling pileups.

The film is aptly written and directed to stay true to its genre, maintaining that high tension all the time. Even before the actual thrill begins, there is 'foreboding' of what is there in the store ahead.
Such detailings enhance the screenplay and help build the suspense.

FACT – But the film seems 'inspired' by Eden Lake (2008) which has a similar plot. Description: angry
fact - Nevertheless, the adaptation to Indian socio-political backdrop is seamless. However, such unacknowledged inspirations become a big turn off and also undo whatever good you might have attempted, even if you made a better film. no

Performed very well by almost all actors, it is an experience worth having. The crisis triggers and goes on mounting up with the passage of time. During which you not only witness series of horrifying events but also several social taboos, a woman’s perspective of men's world, plight of impotent law & order in an anarchic system.

Although there is no intricate plotting and complicated characterization, most nitty-gritty of the screenplay writing has been addressed. Obvious and unbelievable conveniences have been avoided.

The Writing also takes care of controlling its surprises /shockers without cheating the audience, which is otherwise rare usually. All this makes it a good one-time watch. yes        

FACT – Ok. Don’t you see that the film takes a long time to arrive at the actual event? The foreboding you mentioned might work in retrospect but while you watch them they appear disjointed and going nowhere near the main plot.   
fact – It is a drive, after all. We shift gears with the speed. Initially, it is build up to the PP1 and the moment it strikes it vrooms in the top gear. Also they are just foreboding. So please bear with the drive for the initial stage till it achieves full speed!! Description: yes 

FACT – You said not obvious conveniences, but there are a few like..Description: angry
1. Why would you go after criminals when you are actually going on a holiday to forget an experience of previous mishap?
2. Why can’t one break open the car in such emergency rather than trying futile things?
3. Throwing a kid in well doesn’t come as a convincing threat. Let her throw the kid, two guys will jump and fetch the kid while rest can catch her.
4. Villains die instantly, easily or conveniently.
fact - There are such minor issues at places, but the overall experience is a smooth ride, so you don’t notice these jerks.

FACT – So you say one must go on this ride by all means.
fact – Yes. And the climax pays off very well. Bit filmy but until that point you have had so much shit that you want all that to happen, even if it goes Rajni Sar isstyle. Jokes apart, Meera doesn’t transform into a fighter but she uses her presence of mind and her burning rage to give it back and how.Description: yes

And also a good thing that actresses are getting to play the lead. A welcome ‘path-breaking’ trend that overcomes a huge roadblock and makes it possible for storytellers to write diverse stories. yesyes

FACT – But this roadshow is violent and unpleasant. Description: sad
fact – Of course it is a disturbing film, suitable only for the audience who can tolerate violence on both sides. Because the way our lady is beaten up is also unbearable at places. If you can’t watch, hot-tempered people fighting it could be an ordeal.



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