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When will we gro?

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Hey Bro:When we will Gro?

Hey Bro (AU)
When will we Gro?  cheeky

Spoiler Warning – Nothing significant.

FACT – It’s raining XXL XXXL at the Box-office. After Dum Laga Ke, now comes Hey Bro..
fact – That’s a good news. Some welcome change from usual 6,8,N packs chiselled bodies or zero or sub-zero skeletons. Talent can come in all sizes..if we give them a chance.angel

FACT – BTW, We've got Baigan Bharta for lunch today...     
fact – Cool. Hope it’s not Thali ka Baigan..

FACT – No this Baigan is bigger than the thali itself...
fact – But it needs to grow..angel

FACT – Are you mad? It’s already weighing a few quintals, and you want it to grow bigger..?
fact – Not in size, otherwise. I meant Grow-up. I suggest, we should add a new category of certificate to CBFC.. AU

FACT – AU?  
fact – Ya, like UA. UA means – “Kids should watch under parental guidance only”. My suggestion of AU means – “Adults should watch strictly under children’s guidance”. The kind of films Bollywood and even Hollywood largely produce these days are for under 15. They are so fast and quick in motion that they don’t move your heart or even touch it. Thought provoking is a passé.

Hey Bro is a kind of film that merits this certification. If you watch it with kids, you may enjoy seeing them enjoying a wider than taller man doing action, sometimes comedy, with full impetus. If you go alone you may remember your mother seeing these brothers and if you go with other adult friends, all of you may decide to become each other’s confidante.. ”I know what you did last Saturday evening” kind.wink

FACT – So? What’s wrong in that? One-third of our population is under 15 physically and mentally even higher. So we need to cater to them too, and it’s not easy to even hold their attention for long if you are selling crap.   angry 
fact – Fair enough. Agreed. We do need these types of films too for that kind of audience, and many writers do have jobs like that.

But unfortunately, HeyBro doesn’t fulfil that promise too..sad

Gopi (Ganesh) sets out from his town in Rajasthan (which obviously looks Maharashtra from the Marathi banners in the background) in the search of his lost mother & twin brother. After some misadventures, he lands in Mumbai and is arrested by his cop bro Shiv (Maninder) for some petty offence. Gopi in his search crosses paths with Baba (Hanif Hilal, talented) a deadly villain who is the most wanted by Police Dept.

Now the plot is about how the twins search for Baba, who in turn is on the prowl for them and also keeps changing his hide-outs.

Given the standard of writing in films of such category, HeyBro does have some basic writing in place though nothing unusual. The plot, twists, bit of characterization, climax work at their level. (AU).

But still it’s not enough to engross the audience of all ages and IQ. Convenience, Arbitrary events, unfounded logics, a couple of loopholes all fail to make a proper connection with the story, and lack of comedy brings it down. Won’t go into details of all this because the list could be long but to cite an example, Baba wants to kill Gopi because the latter has seen his den. But eventually when Gopi leads Shiv to the den, Baba has changed his address. If changing den was so simple one wonders then why so much of hype?    

FACT – Ok. That’s common in Bollywood. For AU films, this is cool. cool
fact – Yes. Coming to positives..Ganesh Acharya does all his acts with heart and soul. He sees to it that you & your kids are entertained. But to make his mark, he needs a script that is cracking comedy or at least has enough gags. His efforts go waste when the content doesn’t yield laughter. There is a lot of action, but most time action becomes boring when there is nothing new. Same old, good Guy beating bad guys by tossing them on others is banal.

Music is ok. Kids will enjoy a couple of songs, you may also, given personal sensibilities. The end-credit song “Birju” paying tribute to Mother India, stays with you if taken easy. Some hard-core fans of Mother India may find it stupid though.

FACT – So what’s the conclusion?
fact – Watch under children’s presence only. Just kidding!! laugh



P.S. We understand Writers do not have control on how the final film shapes up. Making of a film is an outcome of several stages, writing being the first. But since we are discussing films here from Writer's PoV we consider screenplay as it unfolds in front of us on the screen. Script could have been somewhat different.  Our idea is just to analyse the screenplay with an intention of understanding the craft.

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