Dirty Politics
A Big Let-down!!

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Dirty Politics:A Big Let-down!!

Dirty Politics

A Big Let-Down!!  no

Spoiler Warning – Plot is discussed.

FACT – Happy Holi..laugh
fact – Happy Holi. But why are you throwing mud on me..surprise

FACT – That’s one way of celebrating Holi..  surprise   
fact – By making others dirty?

FACT – Yes, it was a tradition once upon a time..
fact – Oh, I see. That’s why we are being treated to this Political feast on the day of Holi.frown

FACT – Buri baat ka bura na mano..Holi Hai!!laugh
fact – Buri film ka bhi bura na mano Holi Hai.heart

Dirty Politics is a big let-down on Dirtiness, Politics and other aspects. Let’s start with the plot..

Inspired by Rajasthan’s Bhanwari Devi (2011) scandal, this film is about Anokhi Devi (Mallika) who grows minister Dinanath (Om Puri) weak at the knees to such an extent that he shamelessly goes on promoting her politically. Over ambitious Anokhi starts blackmailing him for crores and one day disappears mysteriously.  

Though the film is ceremoniously decorated with all veteran gems somehow, it doesn’t hold ground due to unconvincing plot, characters and improper screenplay.surprise

Such films inspired by real life incidences are of course governed by facts, but still the elements used to adapt for the screen could be made convincing if not highly spiced up.

Mukhtar (Jackie Shroff) who is Dinanath’s confidante is vying for a certain seat for which Anokhi is also interested. Both of them not giving up on this, leads to the flare-up when the decision to knock off Anokhi is taken. Although plausible, this doesn’t come out as convincing on the screen. In politics, such disputes are quite common and contending candidates contest from neighbouring constituencies. When this is portrayed as a major crisis, it fails to come through.no

Coming to characters – Distancing from real life victim, the film unsuccessfully tries to justify Anokhi’s character making the whole thing complicated. Simply keeping her what she was, might have helped.frown

The film hovers too much into the CBI investigations that don’t come out very interesting. What you see are repetitive interrogations across the table, office meetings/discussions or some fight scenes, instead of more interesting political shake-ups. In reality, there was a lot of turmoil in the power corridors of Jaipur – that we don’t see on the screen.angry

Further things are marred by conveniences and arbitrary events. The key contender Mukhtar is bumped off casually towards the end. Had he been so dispensable why wasn’t this done when the conflict arose for the first time?

The excessive build-up around the CD also comes as a let-down. The judge himself wants the CD to be shown to the court and later rejects it as evidence. One wonders why? In another twist, it is shown even the judge was bribed. That is another let-down. Why was Dinanath scared then if he had already bought the judge?

The SP (Govind Namdeo) also transforms suddenly after a good build-up. 
Build-ups are not properly paid off.yes And this happens quite a few times, multiplying the disappointment.

Finally, all of sudden in another twist the film leads to an open ending.. Judge also transforms, he too suddenly. BANG!   

FACT – Difficult to defend..   
fact – The film is based on a scandal that shook the nation, has veteran actors, well-known director and the Production is also decent. One feels sad when in spite of all this, it can’t arrive at the destination.

P.S. We understand Writers do not have control on how the final film shapes up. Making of a film is an outcome of several stages, writing being the first. But since we are discussing films here from Writer's PoV we consider screenplay as it unfolds in front of us on the screen. Script could have been somewhat different.  Our idea is just to analyse the screenplay with an intention of understanding the craft.

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