Dum Laga Ke Haisha
As Big as it gets!!

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Dum Laga Ke Haisha:Light at Heart! Easy at Writing!!

Dum Laga Ke..Haisha
Light treatment of Heavy Subject!  yes

Spoiler Warning – Plot/Screenplay is discussed.

FACT – Today, Dum Aloo with Rice..cheeky
fact – Great, but Dum Aloo is usually made with Baby Potatoes, isn’t this Potato a little too big.surprise

FACT – Shut up. Aloo comes in all sizes..so does Dum Aloo. Though Baby potato is mostly used, but in hilly regions they use Pahadi Aloo, which is big, really big. How do you find that?       
fact – Lovely. Rice is as usual bland, but Aloo is adding flavour to rice making the whole affair sweet-sour, tasty. smiley

Dum Lagake is - A good looking man Prem (Ayushman) gets married to a fat girl Sandhya (Bhumi Pednekar) under some compulsion but can’t make himself ‘accommodate’ her. On the contrary, he finds her a big embarrassment outdoors and a punishment indoors. The conflict builds up and explodes when a friend gets married to a petite gir . Prem says something to his friend, bitterest I have heard in long time for a woman; worst one’s woman.crying
”If you have to sleep with her once you will know what hell is”. Perfect piece of dialogue showing meanest verbal assault. yes
Naturally this leads to separation and divorce procedure starts. It is during the mandatory six-month sojourn they discover friends in each other and when they take part in local traditional competition. Prem learns his lessons in togetherness and transforms..smiley

The good part of the film is its light-hearted treatment. The narrative never leaves humour and even dislike is shown with fun. For this very reason, the film becomes worth a watch. Household bickering, couple's conflict & fights, sibling rivalry, friends’ envy, etc. everything is dealt with humour. Characters brazenly keep insulting the lady, but it never becomes too painful, thereby mitigating the bitterness. So for its treatment, the film deserves...yes

Coming to characters. It seems the Writers spent all their time in framing Sandhya’s character so though the story is about Prem’s conflict, his character fails to justify his action or evoke empathy. Ok, you see his immaturity as a flaw which he needs to overcome, but even the justification for that flaw is not worked out in depth. We are expected to take it as given “Boys don’t like fat girls”. Can that be so simple, even when the girl is pretty? kiss

This film hazily reminds me of a Story "Tilottama" by Banphul, which was made into a Musical Bangla film by the same name in 1978. There the woman Tilottamma is dark and unattractive, who gets married to Gokul.. We foot for both because we get to see their PoVs.yes

In DLKH, one is never with Prem..It's only the funny treatment that keeps the interest intact. Instead of Kumar Sanu or even with him, had he been a fan of Juhi Chawla - meaning too much obsessed with external beauty all his youth, maybe we could feel his shattering fantasies. So neither that aspect was convincing enough nor was the transformation.no

The kind of insult he does, he not only demeans her physique; but also dishonours her by using worst ignominious words!! For this type of sin, one expects some genuine redemption or maybe catharsis but nothing is shown. He realizes & transforms. She is right there to accept him.surprise

Also, there is no much deliberation or attempt to look into Prem's shortcomings. He is not educated and runs a business that's going to be extinct. While the girl's obesity is highlighted prominently, the boy's problems aren't underlined enough vis-à-vis girl's strength. Fine, the society is patriarchal but at least the filmmaker could have shown his PoV at some place. How about Prem’s family really dependent on the girl’s income and Prem doesn’t have an easy escape from it, forced to live with her but doesn’t have any feelings for her. She’s getting financially exploited too besides the mental and emotional harassment. Thus pushing the boundaries further to make things tougher for everyone. enlightened

Going to court, filing divorce, coming together, realizing is all that way, bit easy way out as far as Writing is concerned. Lighter treatment shouldn’t remain just superficial, if it delves into depths it can do miracles.cool

The race in which man has to carry his wife overcoming hurdles is the crux of the film. Symbolically too, it does marvel, precisely becoming the metaphor of their relationship. He learns to carry her. Though passively riding him like an impedimenta apparently, she keeps guiding him through the obstacles. They fall in a muddy puddle and she helps him out of the dirty water.. his psychological barriers. yes

This climax gives us a high as the audience because we love high-spirited victories. But in a wake of that, the Writers slip through their responsibility of making the wrongdoer pay for his sins. So though it ends on high, it is not entirely satisfying as far as the screenplay goes. indecision

Had the Writers pushed the envelope more, there could have been much more dum-daar screenplay. But still that’s fine.indecision

FACT – Ok, what’s the final call..?
fact – The film is a must watch for many reasons. A fresh subject, hatke kind of; from the usual stuff, light-hearted treatment of a serious subject, the nostalgia it gives of the 90s times, small town’s big story and the unique race. Go for it.. yes



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