Badlapur DMTB
An Eye for...See Food!

Sriram Raghavan
Writer - Director

Arijit Biswas

Film Review
Badlapur DMTB:Badlapur, Not Goregaon!

Full-Round Badlapur, Not via Goregaon!  smiley

Spoiler Warning – Plot is discussed in detail, twist(s) are spared.

FACT – Bhoona Gosht. Roasted on low flame...cheeky 
fact – That’s delight. Wish it were boneless..laugh

FACT – Idiot, boneless is NO good. You will realize later.     
fact – Kabaab mein haddi, is always unwanted.frown

FACT – It’s the unwanted that makes life eventful...
fact – Sans boredom. Cool, this tastes quite different.cheeky

FACT – Simmering gives intense heating and roasts deeper..enlightened
fact – Like the fire of revenge that burns within for a long 15 years..angry

FACT – Exactly. That’s Badlapur DMTB. Some films are food for thought, some feast for eyes, but this one is a mix of thought and sight. So we call it See Food. Konkan Queen.
fact – Revenge drama that also upholds a famous Gandhian thought “An Eye for an Eye..”.
Simply an Eyeful of See Food!!yes

Don’t Don’t Don’t Miss the Beginning. When the film maker screams that so much, even on the Censor Certificate, he does mean it. The Beginning...yes

A static long shot capturing a routine day on Pune’s ‘ordinary’ street suddenly becomes ‘extra-ordinary’  when a lady Misha (Yami) and her son get killed by two bank robbers who carjack as they are boarding.. (Must watch for minute details, very interesting Mise-en-Scene which reminds us of some acclaimed films like Amores Perros, Babel and especially ‘Crash’ which has similar carjack Mise-en-scene. But here it goes much beyond limits pushing you to the edge of your seat).yes

The lead robber Layak Ali (Nawazuddin) plays a smart move by making his partner Harman (Vinay Pathak) flee the scene with cash and surrenders himself as insignificant driver.
Enter Raghu (Varun Dhawan) a copywriter whose family met the tragic end.  Raghu’s goes berserk at Layak, tries to elicit the info but in vain.
Layak’s ‘surrender’ and all other such smart moves keep boomeranging creating some good humour throughout the film. He is sentenced to 15 years Jail term.  
Raghu’s life is ruined, with only revenge on his mind..he just wanders to find the other guy who supposedly killed his family and waits for Layak’s release…

Here the narrative steps-down the gear and the pace retards.

FACT – That’s what I said. That’s how roast happens. Initially you subject it to high flames and then simmer it. This is the stage where the revenge seethes within...angry
fact – Ok, fine. So Raghu relocates himself to Badlapur (a satellite town between Mumbai and Pune) taking up a C&F job never forgetting his family and his revenge. The town chosen to remind him everyday of his goal, from Badlapur Times to everything else..

FACT – That’s the plot. Let’s discuss other things.
fact – Very realistic treatment. The film progresses further in a very unpredictable way, just like life. That’s the best part of it. Every cliché is broken and the story-teller doesn’t try to force some stupid twisters upon his audience. The characters too are realistic with proper depth and graph w.r.t. the plot progression. They go naturally with the flow, nothing too stupid, nothing very smart.yes

The film ends with a very satisfying and surprising twist. Such is the beauty of the life. It does justice to all facets of “Revenge” keeping safe distance from filmy elements. I see nature’s justice happening, expression of futility of violence, innocents paying the price, opportunist taking advantage of your emotions, etc.
A lesson one sees is “Revenge ruins both the parties ‘adversely’ and is not always Sweet”.enlightened

Just like this Bhoona Gosht which is now tasting bland after finishing the marinate.. In fact towards the end I am loving the unwanted bone more than the gosht.. didn’t know of luscious bone-marrow   surprise

FACT – That’s the idea. That’s life. What is good now may become bad later and vice-versa..    
fact – Exactly in his attempts of hitting at the black (antagonist), the white collar copywriter (Protagonist) becomes grey himself; nicely depicted by showing him take-up a blue collar job in a warehouse, and the black Villain realising his own guilt and becoming a little grey himself.

There is a little bit Bad about Good and vice-versa. Vices re-verse so smoothly..

Your Love-Hate connect with Hero and Villain changes its composition with the plot progression.

That’s what Writers can look forward to - How the screenplay treats different aspects of revenge in a subtle manner and still tells a story of life-like characters.yesyes

FACT – Anything not working?    sad 
fact – Patience is very important. Some of us may find your simmering dragging. While the realistic treatment has its pros it also has some cons that expectations may not get fulfilled. Telling a restrained revenge drama is a calculative (fine) art, highly commendable, but those who expected blood cuddling violence will be disappointed, for it is only Badlapur and not Gore-gaon.smiley

FACT – Well, what about your usual fuss of screenplay flaws.   
fact – Why you prod me for that. They are inconsequential vis-à-vis such a well metered screenplay.

FACT – Just tell it for your own sake. Writer’s PoV..     
fact – There are no big flaws as such. As screenwriters we keep drawing lines between login & art. So if you are serving something like this Bhoona Gosht we don’t care for logics like why there is no guard at the bank or how can he give the naka-police-checking a slip by cracking a joke!

Nevertheless, Police giving up on such a big robbery just by catching a petty driver is not highly convincing. When State has one accomplice under arrest it is all the more incumbent to get the loot, especially such a huge bounty. And there are other ways to find too. This way people will rob colossal funds and make a crony surrender and enjoy life!enlightened

Another part which I felt bit unconvincing was why Layak tells his mother about his partner. Was he scared of death? Was she going to get any monetary help from the partner? If so why would mother jeopardize the chance by revealing his whereabouts to an apparent enemy? surprise
Anyway these questions don’t account much because the film is elsewhere..

FACT – So what’s the final call.      
fact – I think it is a must watch for all film buffs and those audience who like dark realistic thrillers. Highly inspiring for Writers..yes

FACT – And who steals the show Varun or Nawaz?      
fact – Let’s cut that crap. For us it’s Sriram & Sridhar's show all the way.  cool 


   Sanjay Sharma


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