Dhan Dhan Boss
Tera hi Show!!

Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insaan
Writer - Director

Jeetu Arora Insaan

Film Review
MSG (Messenger of God):Dhan Dhan Boss..Tera hi show!!

Dhan Dhan Boss..Tera hi show!!  

Spoiler Warning – There is no spoiler but there is a warning, the film is tad too too long.

FACT – Say Dhan Dhan Satguru tera hi asara.
fact – Dhan Dhan Satguru tera hi asara, said, but why?surprise

FACT – We are going to have solid lunch today in the langar.     
fact – Wow! Langar means a free lunch..!!laugh

FACT – It may become free soon, but as of now, we will have to pay for it.   
fact – Then what’s the point, we better have anything else..frown

FACT – NO, we must have this, by order, and report.  
fact – I tasted the sample Prasad they are offering free, we can report just on that basis.

FACT – You may be right, but reporting has to be complete.
fact – Ok. Let’s walk in..Wow, this looks really Grand! So much of money spent on the show.. Grandiose of Dhan indeed!! yes

FACT – Caution, Dhan here, means Thanks to the Lord – and not the other Dhan i.e. money.     
fact – Ok, got it. Dhan Dhan Lord, you made this magnum-opus happen. Let’s check the lunch.

Good. Makke di roti. Makke di sabzi. Corn Soup. Corn Halwa. And Pop-corn too. This is nothing else but corn galore. Does the corn soup contain MSG Mono-Sodium Glutamate (Ajinomoto)?  

FACT – You health freak. It doesn’t contain that MSG, but some bigger MSG - The MESSAGE and that too from GOD Himself.     
fact – Ok, Message comes in a Big Package!! Message is good, but was this film package so much necessary for this spiritual message? Is this a Festival about the sect or their leader?

The film begins like “Yada Yada hi Dharmasya” that if sins exceed limits someone will be sent to restore the order. And then we see, Gurmeet Baba Ram Rahim Singh Insaan emanates exploding a glacier and looking at us from ‘above’.

The credits then have him sing a rap cutting between - Him travelling in a lux car and him rehabbing drug/liquor addicts. Seldom does it happen that credits are dominated by a single person. You may assume for all practical purposes that the name of Gurmeet Baba Ram Rahim Singh Ji remains there and credit-heads keep changing. Visualize this - Story, Screenplay, Dialogue, Direction, Casting, DoP, Costume, Art-Direction, Singer, Lyrics, Music everything appearing and going as Guruji’s name remains there unmoved. (Though it has not been done exactly in this way, but I am sure this is what was intended).  

The next scene is an aerial shot of a huge Dera gathering where tens of thousands of followers are seen in a ‘bigger than frame’ location/set. More than 50 disciples try pulling a chariot but can’t and Guruji who was watching from ‘above’ lands and does that single-handedly.

This sets the tone of the film. Now onwards you have THE MASTER OF ALL TRADES – Almost the Almighty who is ideal, perfect and on top of everything ‘cool’.

He is omniscient & omnipotent. He can drive anything, play anything, fight sorry defeat anything, knows everything and loves everyone.

Such givens make the story flat. When you know Protagonist is invincible there’s nothing left for curiosity. sad

The Plot basically is that due to his rehab activities, people are giving up drugs and alcohol thereby affecting business of some International Don, who now wants to kill Guruji to save his business. He sends a hefty fighter Mike, who is set-up like Hulk but Guruji humbles him everytime he attempts to kill. So Don secretly sends a mole in Guruji’s team, a suicide bomber girl who joins the gang of his daughters like insider.

The three daughters are shown, in a very childish way, so that you suspect all of them. But with so many other things happening, and this main plot itself remaining amateurish and banal there is not much to look forward to the plot per se.  no  

The antagonists who are eating dirt everytime they try, is another useless plot that keeps rolling without any progress or intrigue. Well nothing much to speak on that. Guruji singlehandedly beats hundreds of them at any given time. sad

I think I had enough of this corn festival. I can’t have more.indecision

FACT – No, you can’t leave in between. This is Prasad and you must eat it all.angry
fact – But I can’t, I am done.sad

FACT – You will be done if you don’t. Eat.
fact – OMG!! Ok. The show is a big treat of repetitive feats Guruji performs. In every next scene you will see him in a different flamboyant costume with new accessories, including flashy new moccasins. He has a fleet of swanky cars and exotic designer bikes and even bi&tri cycles. He never repeats his vehicle/costume or anything. Hold on, he is going to auction them soon and donate to AIDS’ charity.

The corn is already so sweet, is it necessary to have the corn halwa too?  frown

FACT – You must. Go ahead.
fact – Guruji talks about him, other characters talk about him, the girls fall in love with him (as their beloved Pitaji), enemies surrender to him. He has magical power, he is omniscient. So I was wondering when he knows who is out there to kill him why not preach and reform her in confidence, than humiliate her by making her confess in front of crores of people? Anyway, such questions of screenplay aren’t anyway important here..so nothing to look for as far as writing goes. no

FACT – Anything favourable?
fact – Punjab a prosperous state just a decade back, is now really running into problems*. Farmers are struggling with their crop, their children not willing to do farming; making them spend huge money on other things. Liquor and narcotics is a serious issue there. Dera Sachcha Sauda is depicted as fighting for such social evils.

Dera is shown rescuing prostitutes from brothels, helping sick and destitute, promoting blood and food-grain donation, rehabbing eunuchs, etc. Anybody will support an Organization which carries out such noble activities. yes

But then there could have been a better way of spreading the word, may be a sensible documentary, with all the statistical details of missions undertaken. I might have donated more than what I paid for the ticket and regretted. enlightened

But going all over-board this ostentatious way, can’t be highly appreciated. On top of that, the film goes on an Egotistical trip of promoting the Man who is helming the sect than the sect itself. I think if good deeds are done, there must be those crores of people who are contributing is cash & kind. If you are marrying off prostitutes then the boys who are marrying them are also party in the social work. Not only in the credits, but all through the film, credit for everything goes to this one Man. And this is done by spending 50 crores of donations from generous devotees who must have donated to help the needy. You want to promote your message or yourself is the core question. surprise

There was a group of followers in the row behind me, who also after a point found it too much, themselves. I doubt this film will add or subtract the followers’ tally…no

FACT – Ok for film-goers what’s the call?
fact – See I still continue my corn diet reluctantly. crying So please keep away if you can’t take the excessive feeding. Wiser move is to watch the trailer on the Youtube, it succinctly tells what all the film is about.. Just as they say, eating even a bite of Prasad gives enough enlightenment. And as Guruji says "Fasting is healthy & saves food for the starved".

FACT – Dhan Dhan Satguru tera hi asara.
fact – Really..Dhan Dhan Satguru tera hi asara..

* http://infochangeindia.org/agriculture/punjab-series/the-killing-fields.html



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