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Shamitabh:Writer written off!!

Shamitabh Conflict
Writer written off!!  broken heart

Spoiler Warning – Just like the Writer, Insignificant.

FACT – Cheers!!yes
fact – You said it was a cocktail, this is just scotch.

FACT – Cocktail of Scotch with water..     
fact – Weird, who said that’s a cocktail..?surprise

FACT – The definition. Underestimating the role of water/ice is like Scotch’s ego.. frown
fact – Oh, you are referring to the Shamitabh cocktail..

Where, Danish (Dhanush) a mute actor becomes a superstar when he gets Amitabh’s voice using some Finnish Technology. The conflict sparks when envy seeps in the due to the face getting all the limelight and voice becoming the shadow. Who deserves the credit the face that acts or the voice that speaks? The second act majorly revolves around this when in the third act Akshara teaches them ABCD of team work..  

Good at concept level.. the film starts well and builds up to the conflict in an interesting way but eventually drags and becomes repetitive with rising but similar clashes, consequently the plot stagnates. sad  

FACT – This is mainly performers’ film and plot is secondary. What you like to watch is the acting and don’t bother for the plot or screenplay..surprise
fact – That is where the film begins to lose steam. A good performance I think can’t stand without substantial material to back-up i.e. the screenplay. Without great writing great performance can’t create any impact.

This is where my primary concern lies. In the war between face that acts V/s Voice that speaks, what about the words that are written? Behind a successful scene there are many others who make it happen. Unless there is a solid dialogue to deliver, neither the act nor the voice would invoke that applause. Can you just write off a Writer in the charisma of the actor?  crying

When Obama mentions a dialogue from DDLJ our media starts praising SRK. But what about the Writer, Mr. Javed Siddiqui who birthed the line?broken heart

Coming to Shamitabh, I think when the two of them fight and Akshara talks sense into them, she could explain them about more contributors to the success which would have certainly dissolved their ego and thus the dispute, had they realized there is a silent contributor to their success who doesn’t let his ego take him over..

I tried to find but could get the name of Shamitabh’s dialogue writer.. Mr. R. Balki himself is credited as a Writer too. When a film maker himself is a Writer, we wish he highlighted Writer’s contribution by giving due credit to writers than just a token mention. sad 

There are other issues too. Film industry, film making forms the backdrop of the film with which general audience may not identify very much. A lot of things happen too easily.indecision

Besides that there is not enough of emotional element too, between the two conflicting characters or their reconciler. The build-up of jealousy is so intense that you miss a positive bonding which erases the bitterness. Something more than just becoming partners again.. evolution of the friendship graph..enlightened

The truth comes forward under some external duress but had it happened through emotional culmination it might have enhanced the human element of the story.  heart

FACT – Ok. Points noted..so what’s the good part..?
fact – Of course, performances are the backbone of this film. I was floored in the beginning with Danish’s back story, the way the two of them collaborate (forget the fake technology) and the build-up to the conflict. At places the humour also keeps tickling you. yes  But then it gives in..

“Piddly si baatein” is a nice song to watch and hum..yes

FACT – So shall we say cheers again to this cocktail?     
fact – Of course, don’t forget the ice and let’s thank the malt, yeast and all that which helped this drink become what it is..smiley


   Sanjay Sharma

Critic who loves to appreciate.

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