A Fly Show.. Bit Slow!!

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Hawaizaada:A Fly Show.. Bit Slow!!

A Fly Show.. Bit Slow!!  yes

Spoiler Warning – Nothing significant.

FACT – Let’s go on a flight today.smiley
fact – Wow, where are we heading..?laugh

FACT – Back in past, end of 19th century...     
fact – Cool! Seems like so much fun.cool

FACT – But there’s some business attached too...
fact – Oh, what?

FACT – Witnessing man’s first attempt at flying, 8 years before the Wright Brothers..enlightened
fact – Is that true? Last month during the Science Symposium this idea was sidelined under pretext of Pseudo Science..sad

FACT – I leave that to your discretion but we are on this flight to watch the story of a few Indians who actually attempted to fly an airplane before anyone...enlightened
fact – Oh, sounds interesting. I would have been game even if it were pure fiction.. I am fond of good stories and this seems solid idea and if it happened in reality, then nothing like it. yes

Why aren’t we taking off, since sometime we are just dragging on the runway.indecision

FACT – Have patience. After it takes off up there in skies, you will have a high of a visual treat..
fact – But don’t you think it should have taken off by now? sad

FACT – I didn’t know this runway time will matter so much.
fact – Indeed, in these days of speed, spending so much time on runway kills the high of flying to some extent.frown

Just like this, Hawaaizada too has its high and low, like any flight.surprise

Set in 1890 Bombay, this story is about few men who attempted to fly an aircraft during early stages of organized freedom struggle. The story is about a good for nothing – Shivraj (Ayushmaan), who gets thrown out of school and then kicked out of his house too, when he falls for a Tamasha dancer Sitara (Pallavi). Shashtriji (Mithunda) sees technical spark in him and calls him aboard an abandoned ship where he (Shastriji) is trying to build an aircraft. Their struggle together to realize this dream which gets influenced by Indian’s Freedom Struggle and shadowed by Shiv-Sitara love, forms the story of the film.yes

The first half takes real toll on the audience as it spends hell lot of time to build-up. Probably the set-up needed that kind of time but whatever reason behind it, as audience we just get tired of waiting for some action.frown

The trio of Shastri-Shivraj-Narayan (Shivraj’s 10 year old nephew) experiment to make a flying aircraft against obstacles in their ways, was a good structure to build the screenplay on, but unfortunately the time spent on setting up things leads to delay in the take-off, thereby frustrating the passengers on board.

But..but, if you show patience it does reward you with a nice fairy tale ending where Shivraj’s three loves merge to give a satisfying high on the 9th cloud when you actually glide. The three loves being, Airplane, India and Sitara. coolheartyes

Writers will find it interesting as how two subplots (Love & Freedom struggle) seamlessly get merged into the main plot of passion for flying.enlightened

There are moments evoking different emotions – laughter, tears, romance and rebel (inspiration). Their crescendo makes a satisfying climax…   yes  

FACT – Good. Everything fine. something that’s not correct?      
fact – Well, the backdrop doesn’t look like authentic 19th century. In name of that there are sets and costumes but the way people speak & behave, looks little too modern – their lingo, slangs, salutations etc.sad

Secondly, a lot of second half builds up around some puzzle, the solution of which will give the fuel required for flying the aircraft. This puzzle isn’t that complex, neither does the solution come out as a great surprise. One wonders why a Sanskrit speaking eccentric sage will give a clue which has to be written with English numerical to get a Sanskrit / Hindi/ Marathi name of the fuel?surprise

FACT – So will you board this flight or not?     
fact – Of course, I will, any writer should. Just to see how subplots are developed and merged. For others, it is an inspiring tale of Indians who dreamt of something unimaginable in those times and made it happen. Bear the first half and the second half will pay-off handsomely..laugh


P.S. We understand Writers do not have control on how the final film shapes up. Making of a film is an outcome of several stages, writing being the first. But since we are discussing films here from Writer's PoV we consider screenplay as it unfolds in front of us on the screen. Script could have been some what different. Our idea is just to analyse the screenplay with an intention of understanding the craft.

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